7/29 AT COL

Reds lineup vs. Rockies

Cozart 6
Stubbs 8
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Heisey 7
Cairo 3
Hanigan 2
Latos 1

*Dusty Baker had indicated last night that Ludwick would get a rest today.

*According to Elias, the last time the Reds went 16-2 was July 30-August 18, 1975.

*In 12 games without Joey Votto, Drew Stubbs is batting .333 (15-for-45), Scott Rolen is batting .306 (11-for-36), Brandon Phillips is batting .364 (16-for-44) and Ryan Ludwick is batting .342 (13-for-38, 4 HRs). On the other hand, Jay Bruce is hitting .184 (7-for-38).


Mark, being around the team, do you think Walt is going to stand pat or make a move?

From what I have read so far, it looks like he will make a move but is just waiting to see if teams will go down on their asking prices.

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David — I think they want to make a move, but they’re not going to do it if the deal isn’t right.

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