Not in Houston

I’m headed back to Cincinnati from Cooperstown and won’t be making the Reds series in Houston. I will finish the trip when it gets to Colorado.

The weekend at the Hall of Fame induction seemed perfect all the way around. The weather was spectacular. Barry Larkin and Ron Santo’s family could not have been more gracious. The town was bustling but never felt overcrowded. That’s a good feat for a town of about 1,900 that swells to about 20,000 once a year. I never seemed to wait in a long line for anything, whether it was the Hall, a restaurant or shop.

I spent the weekend surrounded by true baseball fans and it could not have been cooler. Everyone, locals and tourists alike, was enthusiastic and pleasant. A few readers were kind enough to say hello and I really appreciated that.

I don’t know when the next Reds player will get inducted (perhaps Griffey even though he’d go in as a Mariner), but I suggest you don’t wait that long to visit the Hall of Fame and Cooperstown. You won’t be sorry for paying the place a visit.



Wednesday AM: Time to acknowledge the Reds are doing just what they’re supposed to do – beating bad teams. Good on them! Go Reds!

Hey Mark, any idea if Reds will do anything before the trade deadline?

We could use a lefthanded bat off the bench, but honestly, that’s about it. I hate the Juan Pierre talk. Ya, maybe he can lead off, but he has no arm, and can’t cover ground like Stubbs, so why add something to subtract from a strength?

I agree Curt, I hate Pierre. He throws like a 10 year old girl! I like the Kotsay or Victorino talk.

I agree too! I have been a harsh critic of Stubbs, but he is strong on defense. I think the team is fine where it sits and if no trades are made, we still win the division by 3 or 4 games! Plus Ludwick has filled to void in left. GO REDS!!

Any trades or aquisitions talks as the deadline gets near?

What about Corey Hart? The Brewers are looking to trade him, he’s signed through 2013 ( Jocketty’s type of guy) I know he’s not a left handed bat but, he has power, they can put BP back into the one hole and he can fill in for Joey until he gets back?

Anyone feel sorry for Cordero after the last two nights? Anyone? Buehler?

Curt, I stood by you in your prediction the Bucs would finish under .500. ‘History has spoken’ were my exact words. At this point, however, they would have to go 25 and 40 to wind up at 80-82. I don’t see that monumental a collapse in their future. I know you have vowed to drop the topic (as it seems to generate more Pirate wins), so I’m just saying.

Hey Maxblue, yeah I felt a little bad for Cordero until I remember how many times he sent my body into cardiac arrest while closing games in Cincy. Really really nice seeing Stubbs step up the last two nights.

Reds are looking hard after Denard Span right now. Juan Pierre (yuck) and Victorino are two other strong possibilites. I just hope they don’t ship Stubbs out to get any of them. If they make a trade for an outfielder, they have to ship Ludwick, Heisey or Stubbs out right?

Man I am glad I am not responsible for that call. This seems like a big risk either way. Stay pat or grab an ok player that does not have as much upsdide and risk Stubbs or Heisey going somewhere and showing their full potental. I just dont understand why baseball is making Span into a superstar. He is ok at best. I would rather go big or dont make a trade. If its not Willingham, Morales, or Butler (highly doubt is available) then no deal. Maybe Hart…

Why would we trade for Morales or Butler? What would we do with them when JV comes back in two weeks?

Morales and Butler can play the OF. Their defense in LF would not be better than Ludwick or Heisey but they are better than what we had in Gomes and Dunn. I am looking for a 4-hole hitter here. I would never make a big trade for a leadoff man at these asking prices.

Morales is absolutely SLOW! He would be a horrible everyday LF. Butler can move a little better but KC is not going to let him go. I think we should go cheap and get a Kotsay, or one of the Boston OF’ers. We really don’t need much at all!

I agree. unlike in 2010 I like staying pat and seeing what happens. I think the reds gave up enough in the off season. But just like Walts past it would be fun to see what type of big name he could bring in to bolster this offense.

If they can bring in a lefty lead off hitter who can get on base more then Stubbs I am all for it. Having Stubbs as a pinch hitter / extra OF is ok with me.

Hey Mark, have you heard anything about the meeting with Walt Jocketty and the Rockies today?

Do the Reds have enough cash to add a ‘big name?’

Ok this may be too crazy but what about Carlos Lee? I dont think he would cost much and would kill at GA park. But he would be a defensive liability in LF when playing.

With the attendance continuing to grow at the ballpark, I think Walt may be able to pull off something big. However, my personal opinion is that he shouldn’t! Every team has a weakness. Our top two are the top of our lineup and left field. With Stubbs, his defense totally covers up his struggles at the plate. But nothing can cover up the 5 tool player that he is capable of being. The same with Cozart, both of these kids can hit, just be patient with them please. Stubbs has really cut down on his K’s and that is a GREAT sign. Flat out, you play him everyday in CF because defensively, he is as good as it gets. same with Cozart at SS. They both have power and speed. DO NOT TRADE DREW STUBBS WALT. Second weakness is left field and Ludwick has been hitting well, both him and Heisey play good defense. For those two things to be our biggest problems, well we are much better off than 95% of the league. The pitching staff on this team has been just remarkable. Big props to these 5 for staying healthy and fighting every 5th day. If we happen to lose one of these starters to injury, we are in a good spot with guys to fill in behind them (Simon, Redmond, Cingrani, Corcino, CHAPMAN, Lecure if necessary) I think Simon would be the guy to get the first crack. Let’s keep it up Reds, you guys are a ton of fun to watch right now. JV, please do not rush anything at this point. These guys are holding down the fort and we don’t need you coming back to early and hurting yourself again. Plenty of more years for you to demolish that doubles record.

Does Sheldon work here anymore?

Hahahaha!!! To be honest, I hope he stays away with this win streak we are on….LOL jk

I’m in Denver. Will have a new post once I get to the ballpark

Say hi to Peyton Manning for me.

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