Saturday in Cooperstown

It’s been a beautiful day of weather in Cooperstown, on Saturday. Low 80s, sunny and not humid. The town is bustling with people, and I’d say the count of Reds fans easily dominates over all others.

I visited one of my friends, who happened to be born and raised in Cooperstown and went to the house where he grew up. This town, set really in the middle of nowhere in central NY state, is the kind of place where you can leave your front door unlocked and let your kids run around and play without worries about safety. Bucolic would definitely be the fitting term to describe Cooperstown.

Here are some pictures from Saturday morning/afternoon:

This is the Otesaga Resort Hotel, where the Hall of Fame members are staying this weekend.

Barry Larkin at the first tee during the HOF member golf tournament.

Larkin with youth reporter Meggie Zahneis

Lake Otsego, near the sixth tee of the golf course

Frank Robinson was one of several former players that signed autographs at shops along Main St.

The museum

The statue of James Fenimore Cooper

Frick Award winner Tim McCarver and Spink Award winner Bob Elliott tell stories during their press conference


Barry Larkin at his Saturday press conference



Thanks Mark!

Apropos yesterday’s 2-1 win: I believe it snapped the GABP consecutive game streak with at least one homer (at 72 or 73 games). The Reds are 15 games above .500. 20 games above would put them at 91-71 for the season. Will 91 win the division?

Awesome coverage! Thanks Mark!

This pace would give them a 94-68 record. Hard to belive that wouldn’t be enough.

Yeah but Curt, you also don’t think the Pirates are going to finish above .500. Haha

65 games for them to falter. They will, just watch.

Not gonna happen Curt! Pirates get have to play the same crappy teams that the Reds do. I say that 91-71 would be enough to clip the Pirates by 3 or 4 games.

My predicitons for the two teams final records

Reds- 93-69
Pirates- 86-76

I just won’t talk about the Pirates collapsing anymore, we’ll just see where they are at the end.

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