Hall of Fame Museum

I took a quick trip through the Hall of Fame Museum after dinner…incredibly impressive. I fully understand why some memorabilia collectors take their hobby so seriously. Seeing the real things — whether it’s one of Babe Ruth’s uniforms, Hank Aaron’s locker stall or even Miller Huggins’ cardigan sweater with the interlocked ‘NY’ on the chest — it leaves me in awe that these legends actually wore or used these items.

For some reason, I took particular enjoyment from touching the cornerstone that was rescued from the demolition of Ebbets Field. I’ve never been a big memorabilia buff, but seeing these things does transport you to another time.

Here are some pictures from tonight…

The uniforms of the tallest-ever Major Leaguer — Jon Rauch — and the shortest — Eddie Gaedel

Barry Larkin items, including his 1995 NL MVP Award

The HOF plaques

This space reserved for Larkin and Santo

Bench and Morgan


The Babe Ruth room.

Big Red Machine display




Thanks, it was fantastic to see those pictures. I wish I could be there this weekend.

Thanks for sharing, Mark!

Glad you mentioned the museum, Mark. It is incredible. And Pete Rose’s stuff is all over it. He hasn’t been honored with a plaque (correctly – he dishonored the game), but the Hall doesn’t treat him as a non-person. His career is fully represented in the museum.

We made our first ever trip to Cooperstown to watch the HOF celebration and honor Larkin’s accomplishment. Being on a shoe-string budget, we did not have VIP seats – and the non-vip seats are back a-ways however, I managed to get some nice photos of Lark and others. Also attended the Parade of Legends on Saturday. I agree with all you have said about Cooperstown and the HOF. I will also say that I actually enjoy our Reds HOF every bit as much or better. Because it’s newer it has a better flow, lighting, and of course as a Reds fan I love the team focus. The exhibits are well done and don’t get old. Here is a gallery of my photos. Comments are welcome on the pics.


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