Cueto escapes trouble, wins

The Three Stars from a 4-0 Reds win over the D-Backs:

No. 3 star: Scott Rolen — 1-for-2, 2 BBs. Rolen was robbed of a hit in the first inning in a bizarre liner that resulted in a 1-4-6-3 double play in the first inning. In the seventh, he made a nifty barehanded catch and throw on Aaron Hill’s grounder for the third out.

No. 2 star: Ryan Ludwick — 1-for-4, 3-run homer. Ludwick’s 422-foot shot landed in the second deck of seats in left field. It provided the Reds with their first hit of the game, too, as the Reds offense still looks for footing.

“We just have to pick one another up,” Ludwick said. “We’re still talented. Joey [Votto] is obviously a $250 million player so he’s an elite caliber, one of the best players in all the big leagues. You’re going to miss him. That’s part of it. We still have some pretty good players in here. I think we’ll be all right.”

No. 1 star: Johnny Cueto — 6 ip, 4 H, 0 R, 4 BB, 3 K, 106 pitches/60 strikes. Cueto improved to 11-5 with a 2.28 ERA and is 6-1 in games following a Reds loss — ace type of stuff for sure. He admitted to feeling the blister on his index finger that pushed him back from Sunday, but he got past it.

There were two big bases loaded jams that Cueto had to escape from including his final inning, the sixth. He struck out Gerardo Parra with high heat to get out of it.

“This guy got out of trouble tonight and that’s the mark of a good pitcher,” manager Dusty Baker said. “His ERA isn’t what it is if he doesn’t know how to get out of trouble. He can dial it up when he wants to and when he needs to, which he did.”

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News and notes:

*Drew Stubbs, who drew a walk in the top of the first inning, was part of a double steal and scored on a wild pitch. The Reds are 31-2 this season when Stubbs scores a run. Stubbs has walked in back-to-back games after not previously drawing a bases-on-balls the rest of the month.

*Tough night for Todd Frazier, who got what’s termed the “golden sombrero by going 0-for-4 with four strikeouts.

*Here is a nugget from the Elias Sports Bureau: “The Reds started nine right-handed hitters against right-handed pitcher Trevor Bauer Tuesday night. According to Elias, it’s the first time since April 22, 2005, that any team started nine right-handed hitters against a right-handed pitcher. The Astros started nine righties against the Cardinals’ Jason Marquis in that game. Regardless of the handedness of the pitcher, it’s the first time the Reds have started nine righties, none of whom were switch-hitters, since May 8, 2001, a game in which Randy Johnson struck out 20 hitters.”

*Zack Cozart snapped a 0-for-17 skid with a fifth-inning single.

*The Reds bullpen hasn’t allowed a run in 15 1/3 innings, including the last four games.


Great effort Cueto and way to step up Ludwick! Going to need more offense than this going forward but nice win Reds!

Frazier is regressing. I don’t know if that is necessarily true, but it seems like every time I say something bad about him, he has a few good games, so I’m trying that route.


I love it Curt. When you hated on Frazier in the past, he always tore it up. Keep hatin!!! Haha cause he looked awful last night! He seems to do that though. Shows a lot of mental toughness in my opinion, to be able to go out the next day and just forget about what happened the day before. Hoping for a bounce back tonight. Is Aroldis Chapman fun to watch or what? Man is he electric, going to be very tough to keep this guy out of our rotation next year.

He’ll be in the rotation next year. Bailey is my favorite pitcher, but if I had to guess, they’ll turn his good year into a trade of some sort to help the outfield next year. So Cueto, Chapman, Latos, Leake, and Arroyo next year. And yes, I know it’s next year, I’m still focused on this year.

I was trying to figure out who they replace when Chapman goes into the rotation. Arroyo only has one more year. So would you trade Bailey and then be looking for another arm in a year? Also if the reds traded him, then they better get a haul similar to what we sent for Latos. Still cant see dealing young pitching. Except TB, no other team does well when dealing out their young studs.

I saw the note that the Reds are 31-2 when Stubbs gets a hit. What is the Reds record for the other 39 games Stubbs played when he didn’t get a hit? Stubbs has played in 72 games so far. I’m guessing that statistic isn’t real pretty, but probably very revealing.

When he scores a run, not when he gets a hit.

Re: 31-2 when Stubbs scores – the key to this team’s offense is having runners on base in front of Votto-Phillips-Bruce. Stubbs has predominantly batted 1st or 2nd; hence this peculiar stat. With a real lead-off tandem, the Reds would be running away with the division, and Joey could win his 2nd MVP even missing a month. Curt, put ‘a real lead-off tandem’ in your ‘Next Year’ file and we’ll talk about it in the winter!

OK…OK… Back to Stubbs. 31-2 when Stubbs scores in a game. Nobody has said what the Reds record is when he doesn’t score. It could be as bad as 0=39. the 31-2 is fine, but what is the BAD NEWS.

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