7/17 vs. ARI

Reds lineup vs D-Backs

Stubbs 8
Cozart 6
Phillips 4
Ludwick 7
Rolen 5
Frazier 3
Heisey 9
Hanigan 2
Cueto 1

**UPDATE — Votto was placed on the 15-day disabled list and RHP Todd Redmond was recalled from Triple-A Louisville. Redmond was acquired by the Braves in a trade for SS Paul Janish on Saturday. This will be Redmond’s debut in the Majors if he appears. He was 6-6 with a 3.58 ERA in 18 starts this season for Triple-A Gwinnett. He would be insurance as a long man for Johnny Cueto after Alfredo Simon pitched three innings on Monday.

*The Reds announced that Votto underwent successful arthroscopic surgery on his left knee to repair the torn medial meniscus cartilage. Dr. Tim Kremchek did the operation. Votto will be sidelined 3-4 weeks.


Does anyone know anymore—seems like now is a good trigger pulling time?

For what? Firing Dusty?

Where is Bruce?

Yeah where the hell is Bruce??? We lose our top hitter and now were going to sit our next most productive hitter the following day???? WTF is going on???? I’m about to flip out. I dont care that it’s Saunders pitching, I don’t care what Bruce is hitting off him! He needs to be in our lineup everyday that JV is out of it…PLAIN AND SIMPLE! This next month is seriously going to suck A$$!!!!

Also good job of boosting Frazier’s confidence Dusty. you give the guy one game in the 3 hole, he goes 1-4 and you send down to the 6th hole. I’m sure Frazier is loving that right now. How about trying this lineup just once while Votto is out please and see what kind of offense they can produce:


Ludwick hitting 8th. Genius I tell ya

Wow, you guys are all kinds of sour grapes. The next month will be fine. They’ve got a bunch of games against the worst teams in the NL. Bruce is getting a day off after starting something like 37-38 games in a row. I’d bet you a six pack of Hudy that Frazier could care less if he’s in the 3,4,5,6,7 or 8 hole. He just wants to play as much as possible.

Good post Ryan, I was thinking the same thing. Frazier isn’t going to look at the lineup and feel upset, not even .0001%. Reds will be fine, someone will step up. And even if they struggle, they’ll still be in first or right near, cuz I guarantee you the Pirates won’t be over .500 by the end of August. No way, no how.

Reds are 0-1 against these worst teams so far. Bruce needs a day off after 4 days off for the all-star break. What happened to playing every day. We make these players too soft. And Curt, I agree the Reds will still be in it when Votto gets back, but the Pirates are for real this year. I bet they get a wildcard.

Dave, I have to say, unless you have played the outfield, or another sport, I’m not sure we’re qualified to call Bruce “soft”. I do miss days when guys played all 162, and starters pitched 240-270 innings from when I was a little kid, but by no means do I think it makes the current players “soft” as a whole. It’s the way the game has changed to become a situational focused game. Also, in case you forgot, Bruce was at the All-Star game, so he didn’t truly get four days off. More like maybe one after you account for half a day’s travel to and from the game.

Dave, not sure how we can bet, but I would take that bet in a heartbeat, they won’t be in the playoffs, and I’m willing to bet they don’t go .500. The Pirates that is, for all you post skimmers.

After the reds lose tonight with this lineup it should be considered a forfeit not a loss. I’m sure Cueto was thrilled to see this.

Boy, that 4-0 shut out win sure feels like a forfeit to me. I’m sure glad none of the Reds players listen to talk like that.

Yeah…all the Reds had to do was cash in on FIVE more runs and they would have successfully compiled a forfeit score…the other way around!

Funny thing is, the worst lineups are always when Cueto pitches. Dusty works it that way because he knows we won’t have to score as many runs. Might be dumb, but the dude is 10-5 any way you look at it.


Curt, I read many of your posts on here and really enjoy eveyone’s comments. I don’t post, but read everyday. I am willing to bet 2 Reds box tickets for 2013 that the Pirates are above .500. I am sorry to Mark Sheldon and won’t offer any other bets on here. On the positive side, it would already sell to tickets for next year.

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Yeah Curt. I think you remark about the Pirates not finishing above .500 is a little jaded. Yeah, the Pirates have always sucked, but they have the Reds number for the past two years. It’s easy for fans to think they are going to fall out of it because they always have fallen out it. Our biggest games of the year are going to be against them and we have been having a real hard time beating them. They will definitely finish above .500 at the least.

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