7/16 vs. ARI

Reds lineup vs. D-Backs

Stubbs 8
Cozart 6
Frazier 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Rolen 5
Heisey 7
Hanigan 2
Arroyo 1

*Joey Votto sits today. He is 9-for-32 (.281) since he returned July 3 from a left knee injury that put him out for two games. He had 0-for-4 games on Saturday and Friday. His last home run was on June 24.

**UPDATE — Dusty Baker said there were multiple reasons for giving Votto the break today.

“His leg is a little sore too,” Baker said. “Sometimes you don’t like it, you don’t want to do it, but you’ve got to do it or else you’ll end up killing him in the long run.

“You know every time Joey takes a day off he comes back smoking. It’s more of a mental day off more than anything. In his case, it’s mental and physical.”

**Baker also explained why he flipped Stubbs/Cozart in the order and has Stubbs leading off.

“In a perfect world or perfect scenario, that’s a better spot for Stubbs than Cozart because he uses his speed,” Baker said. “That’s an alarming stat that Stubbs has going. When he scores a run, we’re like something ridiculous like [30-2] Got to do what you got to do. And if Stubbs gets on that makes Cozart’s job easier to get more fastballs and not the other way around.”

**Also — Johnny Cueto is a go for Tuesday to start after being pushed back with a blister on his right index finger.

“Yeah, I think so,” Cueto said. “It’s better.”


He’s back, Mark’s back!!!! Ha. Anyway, intersting lineup today, I like putting Stubbs in the leadoff spot. See if maybe it’ll work, if not, maybe try a trade for a leadoff guy. Don’t like seeing Ludwick out of the lineup, if you ask me he should be in there everyday now.
Game #11 for the wife and I tonight. Going to be a scorcher.


Heisey is a better all around player…Represent d3 nation!!! …Potential lead off guy in my mind!

This may be one of the first times that I agree with giving Votto a rest. Although he got on base 3 times last night, he still looked like he could use a day off. Last time Dusty gave a Joey a day off (not swollen knee related) he came back an went on a month long tear. Hope Joey gets some good rest today and comes back crushing tomorrow.

I think Votto was on base a great deal yesterday; day off certainly would’nt
hurt given the way we are pitching/hitting/winning. Not a bad move given
the next stretch without a day off. Especially given it’s to your #1 player and
he’s coming off a knee injury. Lastly, if precautionary we may well see Votto
in PH role and/or fill in late in the game. Maybe one more ‘lastly’…it doesn’t hurt
to have a Frazier as a backup; he’s tearning the hyde off the ball with his
highly orthodox one-handed swing!?*

Stubbs proves day in and day out he is not a top of the order guy! I like Heisey first or second in the order in cf and ludwick in left. But I am happy we are winning despite lineup! GO REDS!!!

Using the same players, here is my lineup:


I thought Stubbs did a great job holding down the bench last night while Heisey gave a good performance batting second and getting 3 hits while playing a very respectful center field.

Yes, agreed. He’s not the glove Stubbs is, but he has alot of heart and is above
average out there. If given the opportunity of more playing time, I think his bat will
awake and the HRs will come; 3 at the half is ludicrous. Of course, now that Ludwick
is scalding the ball, not playing him is equally as ludicrous.

The more playing time Heisey gets, the worse he gets, he can’t adjust. I like him as a pinch hitter, runner, and defensive replacement, but if he started every day, he’d bat .225.

.225? That’s good enough to bat leadoff evidently!

There is one player and one player only on the Reds that has ever faced Wade Miley. That guy is 1 for 2 off of him with a homer. Guess who it is………….that’s right Ryan Ludwick. This is the $hit that Dusty does that pisses me off. He says he plays matchups and mixes guys in in certain matchups. So why not have Ludwick in the lineup. I mean I understand it’s only 2 ab’s, but come one man, he’s been tearing the cover off the ball and in two ab’s against the guy, one was a homer…..It just makes no sense to me.

I believe this is The Reds attempt to “showcase” D Stubbs, if he can put together a week of good games, trade value will go up. Just my thoughts.

Not too sure why the Reds don’t bat the obvious:
Phillips at leadoff….350/.417/.573/.990 – 2011
Cozart at 2nd……….377/.431/.585/1.016 – 2012

We lack complete OBP at the top; yet we don’t
ever play this combination at their most advantagous
lineup slots.

Baker started Phillips in the #1 hole yet it was Rolen
that changed the lineup. Now, when we have 3 SLG,
could-be cleanup hitters, we stick with Phillips. He’s been
mediocrre at best; not a SLG hittier.

Makes no sense whatsoever.

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