Votto, Cozart back in lineup

*As you saw from the previous blog post, both 1B Joey Votto and SS Zack Cozart are back in the Reds lineup vs. the Dodgers on Tuesday.

“I’m not 100 percent but I can play,” said Votto, who missed two full games and part of Saturday with left knee inflammation. “I’m well enough to go without causing any more trouble.”

“It was determined between him and our medical staff, whatever 100 percent is,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “The later you get in the season, the less chance you have of anybody being 100 percent. Anybody that’s played every day has played a lot. You’re not going to be 100 percent until probably Nov. 28, if even then.”

*As for Cozart, he’s very fortunate after being hit in the head by a pitch on Monday. He took a concussion test and did well on Monda night and showed no serious symptoms on Tuesday.

“I woke up this morning still with a slight headache,” Cozart said. “My condition never got worse. It’s gotten a lot better. I don’t have the tension in my head anymore. I don’t have the pressure up there. I feel completely normal.”

*Click here for video of Class A Bakersfield SS Billy Hamilton stealing his 100th base Monday night at Lake Elsinore. And please, no more questions about whether Hamilton will be called up to the Majors this season. Last night, I wrote a story that he is likely to move up to Double-A Pensacola soon.


OK losing this many games with your ace is just plain annoying. Never understood the logical issues with why some teams struggle to support good pitching.

Who is out there that we can plug into the outfield, bat lefthanded, and is willing to take Stubbs off our hands

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