7/2 at L.A.

Reds lineup vs. Dodgers

Cozart 6
Stubbs 8
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Heisey 7
Cairo 3
Mesoraco 2
Bailey 1

*Updates to come on Joey Votto and Scott Rolen once the clubhouse opens.


*Votto, who has inflammation in his left knee that forced him out in the midst of Saturday’s game vs. the Giants, has shown some improvement.

“Not much better but I feel better,” Votto said. “It’s improved but not to the point where I think they’re comfortable with me starting. Ultimately, it’s how I feel and if my knee has reacted positively. But we’ve got a long season to go. I don’t want to risk banging up the knee some more because of it.”

Dusty Baker and Votto weren’t sure yet if he would be available to pinch-hit. There was no consideration of placing Votto on the disabled list.

“It’s way too early,” Baker said. “We’ll just give him whatever time we think is necessary. I’m not even thinking DL.”

*As for Scott Rolen, he was still moving slowly because of back spasms. Don’t expect him to be available.

“It could be a few days,” said Rolen, who did not believe he needed a DL stint. “I’ve had similar back spasm issues and they seem to be with me two or three days. Today is normally the worst day and it just locks up on me. I will keep going, do some [abdominal] stuff, stuff I’ve done in the past to knock it out.”

*Baker said pitcher Mike Leake was available to pinch hit while the team is shorthanded.

“Unless he’s pitching the next day,” Baker said. “We’ve got to give him plenty of time to get loose. I don’t want to give him any last minute calls and he pulls an oblique or leg muscle. Yesterday, his spikes were ready to go.”

*Reds starter Mat Latos was named the NL Player of the Week after he was 2-0 with a 1.00 ERA and two complete games.

*The Reds signed first-round supplemental pick OF Jeff Gelalich, seventh rounder OF Beau Amaral and 10th rounder RHP Jeremy Kivel.


Why do I get the feeling Joey has a torn ACL? I hope I’m wrong but WOW, what a blow that would to this team. Geoff did I hear right the other day that Joey would undergo tests Tuesday evening when Dr. Kremcheck can get to Los Angeles?

I doubt that he has torn an ACL. If it was that serious, they’d have done an MRI by now. As someone who has torn two ACLs, he’d be in some pretty serious pain and have some major mobility issues if he had torn an ACL. But yeah… it would be an understatement to call that a blow to the team. If I were the Reds, I’d just cancel the season if that happened. That lineup is ugly without Votto’s bat in there.

Reds need LH bats. Could have used some yesterday in the Top of 9th with bases loaded and nobody out. Now with Joey out the Reds have 1 LH bat on their roster.

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