Chapman’s somersaults

I had a 30 minute drive home from the ballpark to the Sheldon Cave and did some thinking about Tuesday’s game. There was a lot to remember and it was certainly one of the more memorable games of the 2012 season.

Aroldis Chapman punctuated the night with a double roll somersault off of the mound. (Here is Mark Clements’ post-game story on the moment, with the video)

It was an honest moment of pure joy and fun from a guy who was badly in need of a positive outing. But I can see why it was not received well in the clubhouse.

A few years ago when I covered the Twins, a then-young Carlos Silva notched his first complete game with a shutout of the Angels. In a moment of euhporia and celebration, Silva heaved the game ball into the upper deck at the Metrodome. The Twins were not remotely pleased. Not only could Silva have injured a fan with the ball, he could have been construed as showing up the team he just vanquished — per the list of baseball’s “unwritten rules.”

As for Chapman, he could have injured himself and, he too could have been construed as showing up the team he just vanquished.  The last thing the Reds would want is to have one of their hitters get buzzed in retaliation on Wednesday.

At worst, it was a teaching moment. Chapman got a talking to from pitching coach Bryan Price behind the scenes. He was alone at his locker looking forelorn and I saw Jay Bruce speak with him at length.

I personally don’t think Chapman was trying to show up the Brewers. But I can guarantee that the next time he records a save after a rough stretch, he will know to just shake hands and move on.


So many things have happened this season for Aroldis Chapman. Starter to set-up to closer. Speeding tickets. Girlfriend in Pittsburgh hotels. lawsuit out of Miami. Untouchable to Toast. All in a sort period of 3 months for a 24 year old guy who speaks little English. So I think he should get a pass on this one. He wasn’t intentionally showing up anybody. But if Nyjer Morgan hits a home run tomorrow morning and sommersaults across home plate I wouldn’t blame him…

I looked at it and said finally someone is having fun. I didnt see any intent to show someone up. The kid was just happy. He is from another country as well. If anything you give him a pass and say not something you want to do everytime. People get the wrong impression.

In the NFL, he’d have been taken out and shot.

No different then some closers pounding their chests, or doing some kind of sign and pointing to the sky. It’s just different. I say do it everytime, make it your thing.

Exactly what I was thinking. Its just different.

Are we really worried about showing up the biggest showboating team in baseball? How about Corey Hart’s little dance out of 2nd after his double? That’s ok why? Because they were still losing?

And should I even mention Nyjer Morgan taunting the cop and the bullpen attendant after his catch in center? I guess that’s OK too b/c Morgan has about 12 hits all season…

I thought it was fantastic–He just seemed so relieved to not blow the save! It was fun, funny, and innocent. I find it hard to believe anyone could interpret such an almost childlike act as showing up the other team. anyone that does needs to Lighten up Francis!!!

Good grief, it was great to see Chapman show joy and after the last blown save, he had a lot of pressure built up. Does anyone talk about Valverde’s (Papa Grande) antics on the mound? Also, as said earlier, what about Nyjer Morgan? Lighten up!

Some are predicting a hit to Votto’s backside now, that is too far. If that happens the Reds should and will retaliate with Bailey on the mound (Braun would be hit hard). This is a joke…

I think it was just a reactionary move. Chapman got the monkey off his back last night and was excited. I would have no problem with a Brewers player doing something like that back. But Aroldis was in no way showing up the Brewers, although, I can understand why it could be taken that way. Nice catch by Morgan, that’s his one highlight, offensively and defensively, all year. I thought the guy was out of basball. Big picture, another big win vs a division foe. Way to step up Mr Stubbs. We need you kid, stay healthy!

I can’t see how what Chappy did is any worse than Fernando Rodney’s stupid salute-stare-into-the-sky he does or any number of homerun hitters who drop their bat and admire their homer and walk (i.e. Justin Upton). He was relieved and happy to nail down that save. So what if he did a somersault, he was having fun. A little light-heartedness is needed now and then.

child like actions for not much—winning the pennant maybe

Let Chapman show his emotions. Finally, someobdy is having fun and showing it. Keep it up. If the other team doesn’t like it, so be it. Cincinnati is so conservative when it comes to stuff like this.

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