No no-no for Arroyo

I really thought Bronson Arroyo was on his way to a no-hitter tonight. It was one of those things you could feel developing, even early on. He just seemed to have “it” and the Brewers hitters didn’t have much to offer other than a lot of popouts and groundouts.

As is generally required, you start looking up no-hitter history from the Reds and then count the number of no-no’s there have been just this season alone. You start crafting a game story as though he’s going to get it, because you have to be ready. I was as ready and prepared as I’ve ever been to have a no-hitter story…but alas it wasn’t to be.

The Reds won a 4-3 game on a clutch Drew Stubbs homer in the bottom of the eighth but Arroyo lost his no-hitter, the shutout and the victory in a three-run eighth inning.  Click here for the complete game story on Also — there will be a short story up later on the Aroldis Chapman somersaults, which were not well received in the Reds clubhouse.

Arroyo completed 7 2/3 innings with three runs and three hits allowed, one walk and four strikeouts. He was more bummed about not getting the victory than he was about losing the no-hitter.

“Once I got through the meat of the order with Braun and Ramirez in the seventh there, I thought we had a chance to do it,” Arroyo said. “It was just disappointing to lose the lead. To work that hard in the ballgame and have a gem like that and walk away with a no-decision like that is just terrible.”

Here are some other quotes:

“Bronson really got the short end of the stick tonight. He pitched a fantastic game and just caught some rough breaks late. The way we were in complete control of the game, then had them tie it, then regain the lead with the home run spoke volumes for the resiliency. Things just have a fun way of playing themselves out. It was a very nice win for us.” — Drew Stubbs

“I had decent stuff but they were just popping a lot of things up early and it kept me fresh. I was throwing a bunch of front door sinkers to the lefties and they were swinging at them and popping them up. When you get easy outs like that and the innings go by and you can stay fresh, I felt like I had good stuff coming out of the ‘pen but not anything unbelievable. They were running six lefties out there, which they don’t normally do with their lineup by taking Weeks and Hart out of there. They always poses a little bit more of a challenge for me. I was also expecting the top two guys in that lineup to try to bunt at some point of the game. That didn’t happen. “ — Arroyo

“Of all the pitchers, Bronson is probably the hardest guy to know when to go get, by far. Early in the year, we went and got him and somebody else gave up the game a couple of times. And if you leave him out there, sometimes he can give it up.” — Dusty Baker

“You kind of talk about it. I asked if he’d every thrown one in about the fifth inning. You never know how deep guys have gone before. We tried to battle and knock it out.” — Corey Hart

“I definitely watched it the whole way. It was pretty close. … It was hooking, for sure, towards the line. I was hoping it would stay fair, and it wasn’t by much. By the fifth inning, you see the zero up there, and you really want to get one.” — Taylor Green, who broke up Arroyo’s no-hitter bid in the eighth.


What a great game Arroyo pitched he deserves to be knighted, yet we still almost lost the game. Harang and Volquez and Belisle all seem to be better away from GABB.

Is there a more unlucky pitcher than Bronson Arroyo? More blown saves or leads lost after he comes out over his whole career than any other Reds pitcher I can think of.

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