6/26 vs. MIL

Reds lineup vs. Brewers

Cozart 6
Stubbs 8
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Rolen 5
Ludwick 7
Hanigan 2
Arroyo 1

*In the latest NL All-Star balloting update, Joey Votto has received 4,475,180 votes and has overtaken Matt Kemp (4,118,524) for first place overall in the league. Votto is second in the Majors behind the Rangers’ Josh Hamilton.

*At 2B, here are the All-Star standings:

1. Dan Uggla Braves 2,641,361
2. Brandon Phillips Reds 1,870,966

*Jay Bruce is ranked 14th among outfielders.


Is Todd Frazier sick or hurt? He’s got the second highest OPS on the team, even higher than Jay Bruce. How can he not be in the lineup at least two of every three games?

I think you’re looking at our settled starting line-up for the balance of the season, barring injury. Both Heisey and Frazier are better off on the bench anyway, and they are going to get more than their fair share of starts as well.

Not having Frazier and Heisey in the lineup makes our bench much better, there’s that at least.

One stat I just ran across: While Drew Stubbs was hurt, Chris Heisey had 65 plate appearances batting in front of Joey Votto, either as #1 or #2. He walked one time. I’d love to know if Dusty Baker approves of that. His OBP was .246. You could maybe live with his AVG of .234 if he walked a normal rate. There is just no emphasis on this team for working the count or walking to get on base. None. Either that, or there is zero accountability for failing to do one’s job.

He’s not a leadoff hitter, no one on the team is, except Phillips. You just have to live with it. Oh, and Frazier is 3 for his last 18. I like giving him some time off.

How is Phillips a lead off hitter. He is a good contact hitter but also struggles in working the count to get a BB… Our next leadoff hitter is either Hamilton or TBD (trade).

I agree with the Phililps thing, but when he is the leadoff guy, he does work the count. So even though he’s not great at it, he does it, and does it better than anyone else we have.

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