Reds lose fourth straight

Second guessing a manager and his bullpen decisions are as old as the existence of bullpens themselves. As for the decision to re-introduce Bill Bray to action with a bases loaded, one-out jam in the sixth inning with a one-run lead?

It wasn’t an optimal situation and no doubt, and Dusty Baker would have preferred not to do it. But my opinion is if you can’t trust Bray to get the job done, then he shouldn’t have been activated in the first place. End of debate.

Here is what Baker said:

“That’s part of his job. We hoped to get him in a less pressurized situation. But you didn’t want to use Marshall that early in the sixth and they had the left-handed hitters coming up there. ”

In this case it didn’t work out as Bray walked Denard Span to force home the tying run and then saw the go-ahead run cross on a Ben Revere sac fly. Reds lose, 5-4. That’s four losses in a row, three of them have been by one run. Click here for the game story.

Three Stars:

No. 3 star: Scott Rolen, 3-for-4, 2-run HR — Rolen’s shot into the left field seats gave Cincinnati a 4-3 lead. It was his first long ball since returning from the DL. He hadn’t gone deep since April 26.

No. 2 star: Ben Revere, MIN — 4-for-4, 2 steals — Revere was pesky as can be.

“We couldn’t keep the top of their lineup off of the bases, especially Revere,” Baker said. “Revere stayed on the bases. We certainly have to keep him off the bases tomorrow.”

No. 1 star: Ryan Doumit, MIN — 4-for-4, solo HR, double, two runs scored.

“I felt pretty good tonight,” Doumit said. “I’ve played in this park a lot and I’ve played against this team a lot and I’ve faced Bailey a lot. The comfort ability maybe of getting back to a National League park. It was a nice night at the plate and an even bigger night for the team.”

News and notes:

*Here is the story about home plate umpire Jerry Layne, who exited in the fourth in a scary incident. Layne was hit in the head by Devin Mesoraco’s broken bat. Tests at Good Samaritan Hospital came back normal but Layne will miss the rest of the series.

*Homer Bailey was unhappy that he was lifted from the game for Bray with the bases loaded. Bailey had 106 pitches.

“No, I didn’t [want to exit],” Bailey said. “It’s tough to come out of situations like that. But Dusty is the manager and he makes the call.”

“He had a bunch of pitches, especially in the fifth and a bunch of pitches in the sixth,” Baker said. “It’s not how you want to start off. You don’t want to get deep, deep, deep in your bullpen in the first game of 17 in a row. We got already deep as it was. We were hoping to get through the sixth and after that, mix and match, and win the game and save our bullpen at the same time.”


Yes,that is his job the manager was told he was ready,when do we hold managers accountable for pitchers or hitters nor doing their job—-doesn’t seem some other pitchers and hitters are having problems also.

I do think maybe Bray should not have been activated yet. Rushed back because Dusty wanted another lefty, maybe?

I watch a lot of Louisville Bats games, and Bray didn’t do too well in his rehab assignment. He had a 7.20 ERA and a 2.00 WHIP. His ERA against righties was 5.4, against lefties 8.1. Small sample size, yeah, but I’d have given him a couple more rehab games. His last game, he didn’t give up any hits, but he walked 2 in one inning.

You have a point—the difficulty is with the Reds little reason to believe much thought was used in the roster selections and little understanding that we are a national league club—-we have to play baseball and not be caught with out answers when strategy is in play.

Can we pitch in for a Baseball Reference subscription for Dusty or something? Denard Span and Ben Revere have both hit lefties better than righties over their careers.

So Dusty doesn’t want to use Marshall there. What about Arrendondo? He is better against lefties anyway. I like Bray, but that is definately a tough situation to come back to. Oh well, we need this series. The dreaded west coast trip looms!

That was a terrible judgment call by Baker. You don’t bring a pitcher who hasn’t appeared since April 18 into a one-run game with bases loaded. He himself admitted he didn’t want to do it. But Baker has to stick to his precious “bullpen roles” and only use Marshall later. Instead, Baker should have anticipated Mauer being called in to pinch hit in that situation and have Marshall ready to face Mauer, Span and Revere in the sixth. What could possibly be a more important situation than that? Use your best players in the toughest spots. That’s what a manager should do. You say “it’s his job” for Bray in that situation. Maybe. But “it’s his job” for Baker to put his players in the best position to win, and he failed miserably at it last night. We have Marshall, Chapman and Arredondo who would have been substantially better than Bray in that situation. But it was “too early.” You press guys are willing to say a player didn’t “do his job” when are you going to say that Baker didn’t?

Could not have said it better. Also, I have never seen a manager play for tomorrow at the expense of today. It was obvious in the 5th that Bailey wasn’t on so why let him get into knee deep trouble and then put pressure on the bullpen, the very bullpen he is trying to save for the next 16 games?
Bailey should have come out after one batter in the 6th and give the bullpen a chance to do it’s job without a bases loaded appearance; one by a guy that was recently removed from the DL. Baker has done this again and again this year. The team we are playing should be a cake walk for the Reds but we are playing right into their hands. Our manager babies the bullpen too much at the expense of the SP staff. We have ample pitchers and they are, for now, very effective…if used properly. Let’s yank ineffective SP and stop living on hand-held-clockers that count pitch counts only to remove them once they are in trouble and reach 100 pitches! Lastly, if you are playing for tomorrow, why wouldn’t you use your bullpen effectively yesterday when you have Cueto going for you tomorrow (today)? He has the best chance of under-using the bullpen, doesn’t he? Especially against a bottom 1/3 team that we should be mopping the diamond with. This is really getting old and the worst part is…all Baker’s logic = another loss!

I have said for two years Baker over plays for tomorrow play to win today and worry about tomorrow come tomorrow as a win is a win and the sooner you get it the better. Reds will become winner when Baker goes to West Coast with a one way ticket as Bailey should not have started that inning and stop worrying about left on left and get best pitcher out there

interesting comment—-reminds me of what people said of Bob Boone and Birdie Tebbetts.

I told my wife when Bailey started that inning he never would finish the inning in fact when he got last out in 5th inning I said my wife he is finished

Suddenly the best hitter in baseball can’t even hit a foul ball? He hasn’t got a clue as to where the strike zone is either. Time to give Joey another day off.

Baker is one of the wort managers of pitchers. Everytime Chapman gives up a big hit or does not get a strike he wants, he gets a certain look. Everytime he has that look something really bad happens with the next batter. Same thing happened today in the 9th and last week against the Indians. Why not send the pitching coach out to the mound after Chapman gives up the big hit to calm him down? It makes no sense. I guess Dusty is afraid of swallowing his tooth pick.

if he is such a bad manager of pitches why oh why is he the reds manager and 3 times mgr. of the year.

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