6/14 vs. CLE

Reds lineup vs Indians

Heisey 8
Cozart 6
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Ludwick 7
Mesoraco 2
Leake 1


Do you feel Dusty is any closer to putting Bruce in the 4 spot—-good luck Mike,

If I am counting right, we are at day 10 playing short with the Stubbs injury. Happy to be in first, but hope no one gets seriously injured since we must have nobody in Louisville to help!


Love seeing Heisey lead off spot and Cozart in the 2 slot. Cozart should be in the 2 hole for the rest of the season. Protect your young rookie. You will never see Bruce in the cleanup spot unless Phillips is getting a day off. Dusty likes breaking up his two big lefty bats for late innning opposing bullpen reasons. I can see both sides of it, but Phillips is heating up and should stay in the 4 hole.

Ok. I was upset with Dusty recently, but I will say I like the passion he is showing now. I love pitching inside to warn a batter and I loved his response of dont mess with my team. Keep it up Dusty and I will forget about all the crazy decisions lately…

Agreed. If you like that, go read John Fay’s blog this morning on cincinnati.com where Dusty went off and ripped into Derek Lowe. That was beautiful stuff right there. He might not be the best in-game manager, but the guy gives a damn about this team and will fight to the end for them.

Not going to be a fun trip home for Mr Derek Lowe and the rest of the Indians! SWEEP!!!! Thanks for coming into town and sparking our coach and the team! Loved Dusty’s quotes today about Lowe and his team! But Cleveland fans, I do hope you turn around and sweep your series at home versus the Pirates this weekend!! Lol

Hello Mark! My name is James and I’ve been a huge Reds (and baseball fan) for years. I even worked for the Reds for a couple of years. I’m currently finishing my Bachelors Degree and am writing a paper on small market baseball teams and competitive balance in baseball. I thought with your vast experience in baseball that you’d be a great guy to ask a couple questions of. I was wondering if that would be o.k.? Thanks so much! James jimmyt0333us@yahoo.com

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