Cueto boosts sick Reds

Despite having several players either dragging or down and out completely by flu-like symptoms, the Reds cruised to a 7-1 victory. Let’s take a look at the Three Stars (sponsored by your Stanley Cup winning L.A. Kings)

No. 3 star: Wilson Valdez — 3-for-5, 1 RBI, 1 run scored. A .188 hitter and filling in for the ailing Zack Cozart, Valdez had three singles in a nice evening.

“It was a great game Valdez had for us big-time,” manager Dusty Baker said.

No. 2 star: Joey Votto — 2-for-4, two-run HR, RBI single. The Indians brought in LHP Tony Sipp to face Votto in the seventh during a 2-1 game. Votto crushed a 2-0 pitch into the left field seats.

“What a performance by Joey. Joey was sick too,” Baker said. “I said don’t take any BP today, stay inside and come out game time. I could tell he was exhausted from running. You see Joey’s head down and you know something is wrong. That was a gutsy performance by Joey too.”

No. 1 star: Johnny Cueto — 9 ip, 6 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 7 K, 122 pitches/81 strikes. It was Cueto’s sixth career complete game and the second of this season. When Cueto gave up an infield single with two outs in the ninth, he had to lobby to stay in. Fans were booing Baker when he visited the mound.

“When I saw him coming to the mound, I said I want to finish my game,” Cueto said. “Then he came and asked me how I felt, I said ‘give me one more hitter.’ Dusty said I trust you and I will give it to you.”

Cueto is 7-3 with a 2.46 ERA in his 13 starts this season. For the second time in as many starts, he stopped a losing streak from building and cut it off at two games.

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News and notes:

*Mike Leake, who is also sick, was scratched from making Wednesday’s start. Mat Latos will move up a day  and Leake might go on Thursday. With the off day on Monday, Latos will be working on his normal rest.

*The Reds are 24-10 this season when they get a quality start.   *Todd Frazier has hit safely in eight of his last nine games and 9-for-27 (.333) during that stretch.

*Jay Bruce’s six sac flies, including the one for the go-ahead run in the fifth, leads the Majors.


“He expanded the zone on us really well. He was using his slider backdoor and got the ump to start giving him a couple inches off [the plate]. When you start trying to worry about that pitch, and all you can do is foul it off, he would kind of come back in with a fastball in. He had you off balance and it was getting hard to find the barrel on the ball. You might make contact, but not barrel it up too well. He did a good job. He pitched well tonight. There’s a reason he has his record and ERA.” — Indians 2B Jason Kipnis on Cueto

“Johnny’s strong. He’s been training. He’s learned how to train and take care of himself. He runs tirelessly. I’ve been telling him that for years. It’s sunk in. That’s what the great ones do.” — Dusty Baker on Cueto going the distance.

“I wasn’t feeling too good throughout the day, but it wasn’t really as bad as some of the other guys. They were throwing up and I never had any of that. It was an interesting day for sure. It was weird to try to piece together how everyone got sick. I don’t think we’ve figured it out.” — Chris Heisey


Mark, maybe you’ve answered this already but … whose roster spot might Bray take when he rejoins the Reds?

You would think it would be Hoover or Simon.

I think almost certainly Hoover. I think Simon has been groomed for and is being used as though he is the emergency long man. Bray is anything but a replacement for that role, so Hoover is the guy to go.

Simon is also out of options. It will have to be either Hoover that will go down or possibly the Reds will trade one of the other Righties.

Well, if Simon is being groomed as the long man, then maybe LeCure could go. That might not be a bad thing, because if someone in the rotation does get hurt, then we have no one to turn to right now in AAA. In this case you could get LeCure starting in Louisville and be ready in case he is needed.

Yes…I thought of that possibility and I kind of like it, but note the way LeCure has been recently used: pitch two innings, then off two or three days, then back for 2 innings. In other words,he is the guy you go to when your starter fails to give you the innings you might have expected. Bray, heretofore, has not been used in a way to fill that role, so I still say it would be Hoover who also could be groomed to start. He did so a lot within the Brave system.

Has Hoover pitched himself out of the majors? Put another way, Is Bray (besides being left-handed) a surefire upgrade over anyone currently in the bullpen? On different topic: if the MVP goes to the player the initials stand for, they can give it to Joey right now, because if he gets hurt, this team has no chance.

Gack, I typed a long message and something crashed and I lost it. The question was, is Bray a for sure upgrade over any pitcher he might replace in the bullpen? Besides being left-handed? I’m not being critical or sarcastic, I’m really asking.

bray is a lock 2.5 million dollars and no games thus far says hes in hoover out!

I hear ya Max, not a guarantee Bray will be better, but you have to give him the chance. The old adage, can’t lose your spot due to injury.

I think Jamie has it right too, the Reds wont let 2.5 million sit in the minors when they are paid to pitch in the majors.

Yeah Bray is more valuable then Hoover. Hoover did a damn good job here too, so it does not down play his numbers and performance. But Bray is really really good when healthy. In my opinion he was a top 3 pitcher out of the pen last year. Hoover got his dip in the pool, let him go work hard and grow a little in triple A and we’ll see him back up here in September. Simon has been lights out for the Reds and I really like his whole makeup. I can’t believe any team would just let him go. He would be the first guy getting the chance to start if any of the starters went down I think. I would have possibly said Jeff Francis before the Reds cut him loose. Lecure is an average pitcher though, but I don’t he has options either.

maybe hoover learns to be a starter again! now that francis left there aint nobody that great starting in aaa, we got enough releivers to give this kid time, we already traded his investment so its not like we sunk cash into this project. id give it a try hes not a starter or closer or high investment draft pick just a middle reliever as of now. young, good stuff, cheap. i think trading juan u had to see more then just a
middle reliever in this guys future?

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