6/8 vs. DET

Reds lineup vs. Tigers

Cozart 6
Heisey 8
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Frazier 5 Cairo 5
Hanigan 2
Latos 1

*The Reds signed their first three 2012 Draft picks….OF Jesse Winker (compensation rd, No. 49 overall), 11th rounder LHP Nolan Becker and 25th rounder LHP Sean Lucas.

**UPDATE — about an hour before game time, the Reds scratched 3B Todd Frazier because of back spasms. Miguel Cairo started in Frazier’s place.


Would it be completely out of the question for somebody to ask Dusty why he will not adjust his line-up to have hitters with better OBP to hit in front of the best hitter on earth.

You know how everyone was saying that Cozart and Stubbs were hitting the ball because they were in front of Votto? Well, I agree with that, it helps. So someone tell me why Heisey has been horrendous the last few games? I think he has six or seven popups in the last two games. I was told by the fans last year that if Heisey played more often he would hit .350 and have 85 homers and 196 RBI’s. He isn’t exactly on pace. Game 8 tonight, hopefully see a win this time.

JBar, who should hit in front of Votto?!

Phillips isn’t hit 2nd because there is no other clean up option. So you’re left with Bruce, Ludwick, Frazier and Hanigan…. This should be good…

Phillips is not a good option hitting 4th, he tries to pull the ball batting 4th and it takes away from his strengts. Phillips should be back hitting lead-off where he hit like an all-star last year. I would than bat Hannigan when he plays second, he has a .371 OBP and would give Votto an opportunity to drive some people in. Bruce should move to the clean-up spot as he is biggest power threat to bat behind Votto. Dusty would argue that he doesn’t want to bat his two lefties back to back, but both Votto and Bruce hit lefties well so that logic doesn’t apply. The rest of the order would go something like Frazier, Ludwick, Heisey, Cozart. If Mes is catching than I would move Cozart to the 2 slot an bat Mes 8th. This maximizes Votto and Bruce’s abiltiy to drive in runs which is what they should be doing. Votto is one of the best hitters in the league and is the best hitter in the league with RISP, yet he is not even close to the top of the league in RBI. Dusty will argue that Hannigan is slow to bat second, but I would rather have someone slow on base in front of Votto than someone fast sitting in the dugout when Votto is up to bat.

The lineup is fine. Until we get a legit clean up hitter there is no other option. I like Hanigan in the 8 hole, you have to break up potential strike out hitters, which include the pitcher.

I like what Dusty is doing right now lineup wise. I think this is the 4th game in a row he has thrown this same lineup out there. Just the catcher change has been the only difference. Normally Dusty does not even throw the same lineup out there on back to back night. I like that it’s been more concrete the past week.

Bruce is a legit clean-up hitter. He will bat .260-.270 and hit 30 HR, sounds like a clen-up hitter to me. I would rather have three strikeouts in an inning and then score 3 runs the next inning. I don’t get your logic. The way the lineup is now they don’t string hits together and therefore don’t score runs. I am tired of seeing Votto hit lead-off doubles rather than RBI doubles. Having hitters that strike out alot hit in front of him makes no sense to me.

I agree with you 100%. The Reds have two guys that can’t get on base, followed by a RBI cleaner, followed by an OBP guy, etc. Move Phillips to lead off where he can get on base. Stop the silliness about two LH hitting back-to-back and move Bruce to clean up. Stack the top of the lineup and filter on down, afterall we don’t have the players’ bats that really fit into alot of the lineup, but let’s do what we can when we can. I love Hanigan in the 8 hole because he too has a very decent OBP and with Phillips in lead-off we have a good chance to ‘set the table’ for Votto (3rd) and Bruce (4th). As is, we are doing a favor to the opposing team. And yes, I would have had Phillips bunt last night; play for a tie at home, win on the road. I guess Bakerball doesn’t buy into that thought process, instead…send em up hacking and with little to no direction. End result: we lost, didn’t we.

You should manage the Reds then.

I bet you wanted BP to bunt last night, too.

What happened to Frazier tonight?

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