6/6 vs. PIT

Reds lineup vs. Pirates

Cozart 6
Heisey 8
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Ludwick 7
Hanigan 2
Cueto 1

*The Reds made a roster move, optioning 1B/3B/PH Mike Costanzo to Triple-A Louisville. INF Kristopher Negron was recalled from Louisville. Costanzo was just 1-for-18  (.056) with 10 strikeouts.

But in a sign of how tough the depth is looking at Louisville, Negron isn’t exactly an offensive dynamo this season. In 58 games, he was batting .212 with five homers, 16 RBI and 15 steals When he appears, it will be his MLB debut. What Negron does bring to the table is versatility…he can play 2B, SS, 3B, and all three outfield spots.

Negron will wear No. 17.


I applaud the change to Negron. Might as well give someone else a shot, especially a guy that is that versatile with speed.

Ok, Negron, if you bat .100 you’ll be a step in the right direction. Good luck kid.

Wow you would hope we could grab any AAA batter to hit above .100. Goes back to the idea of pinch hitting Leake in a game. What can it hurt? I am sure he could do better than .100

Thank you for finally coming to your senses and sending down Costanzo. I’m not saying Negron is or isn’t the answer, but it is time to try someone else!

I was to the point of throwing up when I saw lefty come to plate and he had to have something on Dusty to last as long as he did as I am a 70 yearlong time follower of reds and he was the worst I can remember as he seemed in another world when he can to the plate and the one time he hit the ball hard he did not run hard on what would have been hit with hustle

The reds division is weak weak weak and reds can win but better find somone to get on base in front of votto before play off start.

I agree, the central is very weak. The minimal lead is not encouraging, although I do applaud the relatively competitive baseball being played currently. I know your busy mark but I do have a question. Now that costanzo has failed, and we’re doubtful negron is a major step up, what kind of move could you foresee or perhaps even recommend to help give these boys a strong LH bat in September?

Hanigan hits for average. Ludwig when he does hit – which is rare – hits with power. I don’t understand why Dusty bats Ludwig in front of Hanigan in this line-up!

I hate to question a manager with Dusty’s experience, but wouldn’t this order make more sense? Cozart, Phillips, Votto, Bruce, Rolen/Frazier, Heisey, Hannigan, Stubbs.

As much as Phillips is a 2 hole hitter, it is a waste to put him there because that position is protected by Vottos bat. The 2 hole is the best place to put a young hitter like Cozart, Stubbs, or Heisey since they will see a lot of fastballs. Honestly until someone else can step to protect Votto from walking all day Phillips is in the best position, my opinion.

Thursday am: I keep expecting Chapman to have a bad night; you know, walk a couple, give up a bomb. Didn’t happen last night. The Pirates last batter saw pitches of 99, 100 and 101 mph.

How about Busty leaving another starter in for that extra inning that he should not have!!!???? Cueto was at 102 pitches when he ran him back out there in the 8th, whichCueto couldn’t make it through. KNOCK IT OFF DUSTY! You really need to learn when enough is enough. Cueto had pitched you a great game through 7 innings. Close the door on him, throw in Simon or somebody for two innings and leave Johnny on the bench with another shutout performance. Aroldis Chapman is just sick. 9 pitches…all fastballs with 2 K’s and a weak groundball. If you get the chance, look it the records he is on pace for. It’s amazing!

I would normally disagree with you since this is our Ace and only 100 pitches. But our bullpen is flat out nasty and is amazing. I say keep them sharp and no reason to take any pitcher past 100 unless our bullpen is completely taxed. That would keep our starters sharp too for the entire season. Most pitchers will get thru 7 innings with 100 pitches.

Disagree, Cueto was pretty much untouchable, he wasn’t tired, he has thrown over 120 pitches many times, so why not leave him out there? I would have taken him out after the first two hits, but I definitely would have ran him out there for the 8th.

If he wasn’t tired, then why did Pitt start to touch him up in the 8th when they couldn’t do anything against him all game? He obviously was fatigued. There is just no point in it since he was already at 102 pitches. It’s a long haul and Cueto always has at least 1 DL stint a year. Good chance last night to get him out and let one or two guys finish the game. Again, I’m sure Cueto wanted to go back out there and voiced that to Dusty, but Dusty needs to learn when to say enough is enough. It’s the tough calls like that, that make or break a great coach. More times than not, Dusty makes the wrong decision. You see him do it with Arroyo OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN, 6 strong innings then he runs him out there in the 7th and he gives up 4 runs.

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