Not in Houston

I am not covering the Reds vs. Astros series this weekend. I will be back at work on Monday to cover the first round of the First-year Player Draft.

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves. Be nice.


Will someone explain to me with Castro being a veteran and knows how to keep ready why does Dusty just not put the kid at third base and let him play why two days playing and then day off as the kid needs to learn all the Pitchers in the leauge and should play till he hurts the team

Bakerball…plain and simple. Cairo didn’t hit the ball out of the infield today. Frazier followed up yesterdays’ HR & BB with a DBL today, then scored for good measure once brought in the mop up in the 8th. BTW…Cairo is hitting .135, Frazier is batting .267.

Heisey is hitting nearly 90 points higher this year versus last year against left handed pitchers (.281), yet that was the reason offered at the beginning of this season as to why he wasn’t handed LF; enter one Mr. Ludwick…who hasn’t up’d his average against lefties or righties.

Heisey and Frazier need to be given the full-time responsibilities of LF and 3B, respectively. Stop the platooning insanity.

Pirates in 2nd place. One of the seven signs that Endtimes are upon us!

There would be those who would say the same about the Reds sitting in first on June 4!

I would love to know the Reds record when they dont start the main 8. Which has Heisey not Ludwick. And I think we should pull out games that Dusty puts his starter back in in the 8th to try and rally, cause that is not fair to the stat. I bet they have lost 5-7 games this year for that reason. It seems everytime Cairo or Valdez is in they lose.

I know right! Dusty loves throwing that starter back out there for that extra inning of work, when it’s obvious he should not! Especially with Bronson. Know when to say when Dusty! Also agree that Frazier and Heisey should be playing everyday. Nothing else has worked and these two kids will hit. Heisey is good defensively and Frazier does well enough, but is by no means Rolen in the field. I hope the Reds push to get a big right handed bat. It is needed. But the lineup needs to change badly. Same lineup I have been screaming all year:

1) Phillips
2) Cozart- tears it up when he hits in front of Votto
3) Votto
4) Frazier
5) Bruce
6) Heisey
7) Hanigan
8) Stubbs- will see a lot of fastballs in the 8 hole. We know what he can do with a fastball.
9) pitcher

3 and 1/2 games in first. Just saying.

Pirate fans would beg to differ, by a half game!

Should be much higher. I dont want to fall into first like 2010 again. I swear Dusty is holding Frazier back for when Rolen comes back so that Rolen does not lose his job and Frazier is never allowed to put the season together like he could. Same thing with Heisey. These two are hitting way to well to be playing as little as they do.

Get real! Dusty’s animus against both Frazier and Heisey is so intense that he would jeopardize the team’s prospects for 2012 and his own job? Truth is, neither of the players you mention are much to write home about. So the mandatory juggling of the line-up and mix-and-match just to allow them some semblance of success while being properly eased in. If both started every day at this point in their careers, their flaws would become more evident and they would quickly wilt away.

St. Louis has lost 8 of last 10…the division should be ours for the taking.

would anybody here take a flyer on bill hall, he got released from baltimore yesterday, he does have a low to mid .200 avg but he used to crush in this park plus he plays second short third and outfield? strictley for a bench role he does have some pop but not too much recentley?

Denny, you got me. Pirates fans would be right. 3 games in 1st. Think the Bucs are a little bit up for this series?

Put ourselves in their shoes. A showdown for first after years of futility…wait, that was us just a couple years back. We can easily relate to their present mania.

Pirates fans? Ha, that was a good joke.

Quite a few of my baseball friends are Pirate followers, but maybe I’ve managed to corner the market!

Bailey and Cueto going in the first two, I feel safe with this series. Starters are a combined 17-17.

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