Bailey goes the distance

An one hour, 54 minute rain delay did not stop Homer Bailey and the Reds during an 8-1 victory over the Pirates.

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Here are the Three Stars:

No. 3 star: Todd Frazier — 2-for-3, RBI triple, RBI double, one Heimlich performed. Frazier made it a 2-0 game with his RBI double in the top of the second. In the fourth, his triple drove in Jay Bruce and he scored on Josh Harrison’s throwing error to third base.

No. 2 star: Jay Bruce — 3-for-4, two doubles, two RBIs, three runs scored.

No. 1 star: Homer Bailey — 9 ip, 4 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 5 K, 103 pitches/77 strikes, 28 of 32 first-pitch strikes. Bailey now has 8 quality starts in 10 games and a 4-3 record, 3.73 ERA. He’s quietly become very consistent and in a nice groove with catcher Devin Mesoraco.

“Homer and Mesoraco are starting to work good together,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “I knew Homer was going to be one of our major keys in our rotation where he is. He’s coming through. He threw the ball great tonight. In that one inning, he hung a couple of breaking balls and then went back to his well-located fastballs and his slider and he had a great changeup tonight.”

In 8 starts lifetime vs. PIT, Bailey is 6-0 with a 1.79 ERA.


Bailey is pitching great! Who’d a thunk it? Great time to have a complete game and rest the bullpen. With Votto, Phillips and Bruce hitting again, isn’t it time to have some people bat in front of them who can get on base? I like the idea of Heisey and Hannigan, 1 and 2. It’s not like the team is running a lot anyway. Or maybe my goofball idea – Phillips, Votto, Heisey, Bruce, 1 through 4.

What kind of bad things is Curt going to say about Frazier today?

I like the line up as is right now. But hate it that cozart is struggling so much if needed maybe switch him and Phillips. Or Phillips, Cozart, Votto, Stubbs, Bruce. Either way they are winning. Just keep playing these guys and stop over using the bench.

Ha, good game for Frazier I see. I didn’t get to watch any of the game since I spent the night in the hospital with a busted up face. Stayed down on a grounder, the ball however, did not stay down. Also, yes Mike, I was hard on Frazier, but as some others can tell you, I’ve always been a huge Homer fan, so I’ll give you a little credit, just throw a little my way and we’ll move on, ha.

Hey Mark, are they going to keep the rotation the same with the off day? Or move some people around?

Drew Stubbs and Zack Cozart combined to go 1 for 10 at the top of the lineup. With their OBP’s at .281 and .291 respectively, they now have the two lowest OBP’s of any regular on the team, Mesoraco and Frazier included.

Wonder when (if) Bakerball will move Phillips to leadoff…

Yeah Curt, you have always been way more up on Bailey then I have been. I always knew he had the stuff. But he has never been able to put it together. Once/if he starts doing what he did to Pitt last night to St. Louis, Milwaukee, etc, then I will be convinced. He’s always had the stuff, just been a matter of him putting it together. Props to you on that one.

Come on guys, we want our 1-2 hitters to be guys that are everyday players. Not Heisey and Hanigan, who play about 3 out of every 5 games…You don’t want change on a daily basis at the top of your lineup. I truthfully think this would be our best lineup.


Stubbs we know about, but people are really getting on Cozart way to quick here. You guys do realize that he has only played about 50 MLB games right? Ever heard of growing pains. He has proved that he can hit and he should be one of our top 2 hitters. #2 in front of Votto would really help his confidence and I think that’s what Dusty needs to do NOW. He was tearing it up in that spot earlier and as soon as he was moved from there, the lights went out.

Yep. That lineup may be the lineup of the near future. However, today, I would make one change; flipflop Bruce and Frazier. Batting 2 lefties will only be problematic, if at all, late in the game. The first 6 orf 7 innings it would have absolutely no impact. Bruce is a monster; maybe one day Frazier will follow in his footsteps. The fact that Votto has 43 BB and the next closest is Bruce with 15! That clearly means that SP are not afraid of Phillips whatsoever. He is not a cleanup hitter; however he does have a decent OBP. Lastly, I like where you put Heisey, however stop the platooning and play Heisey fulltime. Ludwick is a hacker; all or nothing guy. Besides, Heisey actually has more power. Hanigan at the bottom will afford us opportunity to start an inning with decent OBP top and bottom.

The back to back lefty thing is crucial in my opinion. But only when you can put a true threat between the two lefties. Most MLB teams on have one lefty set up guy in their pen and when you split up Votto and Bruce, it makes it hard to work around. Big thing is putting someone in there that opposing managers don’t want a lefty throwing to. That’s why Phillips is there now, because he is the biggest threat to any left handed pitcher on the team. But I do think Frazier can be that guy too. Not a perfect world for us here because we are weak in LF. But I agree that Heisey should be getting at least 75% of the work. There isn’t a better bunter on the team than him and he has pop. Ludwick is a nice bench player/pinch hitter in my opinion and he plays a pretty decent outfield. All in all, when were winning like we are now, is there really any point in changing anything? I think Cozart has to be the #2 hitter though. He thrived there before, as almost anybody would ahead of Joey. It’s all about the pitching right now anyway. Pitching as good as any staff in baseball….the bullpen is just sick. Obviously AC is just insane, but I’m really impressed with Hoover and Simon. Can’t believe any team would just give up on Simon, how could they not see the talent there?.

PS- Bruce is a monster for 3 weeks…..then a tulip for 3 weeks…..The inconsistency is killer!

Not bad still wonder if these kids are getting syched out with the leadoff position. There is no other reason they would struggle so bad. Wonder if the 4 hole would cause the same issue for Cozart, Stubbs, or Frazier. If so get Bruce in there and be done with it.

Another reason why I wouldn’t bat Frazier 4th; only been up 79 AB. Too much, too soon. If he blossoms as he appears to be doing, I’d move him to clean up but not for a few months. Anyway, by doing nothing, Baker is already making a decision. And, if our pitching and long ball wasn’t so good the poor OBP and lack of cleanup would really be showing. Unfortunately, we knew of the problem before spring training, but Jocketty couldn’t find solutions for the right bucks. Seldom do you find a team with warning track power throughout the lineup and a complete pitching staff that is throwing lights out! Would love to see more fundamental baseball, but that is clearly not one of Baker’s attributes. When the long ball subsides we will have to rely on the pitching; hopefully it will be there throughout the season.

Heal up, Curt. Wish you well. We need to lay off the Curt / Frazier thing anyway. Curt doesn’t think much of Frazier as an everyday player. The rest is just exaggeration and fun. Remind me to someday tell you about the Muskrat Way: principle # 1 is everyone’s allowed to feel the way they feel. (# 2 is the best wine comes in a box).

Only if you buy a bottle and put it inside of a box!?*🙂

All this box talk reminds of one of the best SNL skits…..

Step #1- Cut a hole in a box
Step #2- Put your **** in the box
Step #3- Have her open the box

Haha, so great.

Yes Curt, heel up buddy? Softball or baseball? If it was softball, I know your not feeling good at all right now. Just hoping it was ASA bats and balls and not NSA…hah! Just curious because I play a ton of traveling softball and play in Cincy usually a couple times a year. Live in Valparaiso, IN. (about 45 minutes from Chicago) though, so I’m not out that way often.

Softball, hard hit grounder, in position to field it, next thing I know I’m on the ground. Four stitches and a cracked orbital bone. I’ll live. Thanks for the well wishes guys.

I don’t even know you, Curt. However, I have played in every softball and over-the-line baseball league known in California. I can obviously feel your pain and worse…feel your time away from playing another game tomorrow! Get well soon.

Yeah I had a buddy get blown up at 3rd a couple years ago, had to have total reconstructive surgery. It’s not going to be fun going back out there and taking the next grounder though, but I’m sure you will be fine. I’m sure they gave you some pretty good pain relievers…hahaha

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