5/30 at PIT

Reds lineup vs. Pirates

Cozart 6
Stubbs 8
Bruce 9
Phillips 4
Heisey 7
Frazier 5
Costanzo 3
Hanigan 2
Cueto 1

*This is Joey Votto’s first day off from the lineup this season. Dusty Baker had indicated a day off was coming for Votto, and with Thursday’s scheduled day off for the team, this effectively gives him a two-day break.


The last time Votto did not start a game was 8/23/11. The last time he did not play at all was 5/9/11. He currently has 176 consecutive games played heading into tonight, which is tops among active NL players. The active “iron man” of baseball is Detroit’s Prince Fielder, who has 230 consecutive games heading into tonight.

After the 5/9/11 total off day, Votto went 7-for-14 over his next three games.  He went 8-for-20 following the 8/23/11 break.

**UPDATE No. 2  —

Votto was not in the clubhouse this afternoon. Baker said that Votto was involved in the decision making.

“I talked to Joey about a week ago and we came up with this day as the best day,” Baker said. “I was a little apprehensive if two days in a row [off] would hurt his stroke. He said it was not going to bother him at all. Joey Votto knows Joey Votto pretty well. When a guy gets to a certain stature and certain prowess, you owe it to him and us to discuss it with him.”

There will be more on MLB.com later…


Baker was saying everyone needed a rest because of twenty game days in a row. OK. But today is game #20, with an off day not only tomorrow, but also Monday, right? Two off days scheduled over five. Votto has shown no signs of being tired, in fact he’s been ripping it. Instead, we get treated to Mike Costanzo, who has looked more than overmatched. Is Baker trying to prove a point by playing Costanzo and having him pinch hit in crucial situations? I hope Costanzo goes 4-for-4 tonight, but not playing Votto, for the stated reason, is crazy.

So, Steve, I’m sure if you worked out last week that you’d get this Friday off, and then you busted hump at work to provide the best product in advance of your extra day, so your boss called you in on Thursday and said, “Hey, Steve, you’re doing great work, so why don’t you go ahead and forget that off day and come on in on Friday and keep it up! Don’t worry, you still get your regular off day on Saturday!” I’m sure that would be a real morale booster, not only for you, but for everyone you work around, eh?

I don’t see how this is in any way different.

Well lets hope Cueto has a good night. Why is Costanzo the option here? I think we could do better than this Dusty. Costanzo never needs to start until he proves he can pinch hit. I would like to undersand his reasoning just once,

I’ve checked the rule book and I cannot find the section that requires the catcher to bat 8th. Hanigan might be best suit to bat 3rd tonight, but at least ahead of Costanzo.

Far too much manipulation of the lineup and platooning.

I would rather see this:

Since we don’t have a quintessential lead-off hitter anywhere on the team, I won’t argue the top of the lineup, however I love flip-flopping 3/4 as the 3 holeis for the best hitter (Phillips) of average and the 4 hole (Bruce) is the home run threat. Bakerball has it backwards, and if the L-L issue isn’t a problem, why wouldn’t you play to your strengths? If not for the home run ball and superior pitching, the lineup would be glaring. (PS- When Votto returns, I would bat Bruce cleanup; L-L issue or not, move Phillips to lead-off, Cozart to 2 hole, Stubbs back to 7th)

xchqr – I am sure that Mark will be pleased that you offered an alternative rather than just saying that tonights official lineup is stupid.

At least his day off is with Cueto on the mound agains the Pirates. We should be safe.

These people…Shake my head. Reds are in first, what more do you want from Dusty?

Dusty is such an idiot … w/ tonight’s “off day” Joey will have 3 of the next 6 days off. Does a $20 Million stud in great physical condition who is 11 for his last 22 need a night off before 2 team off days in the next week? To expose his stupidity, he pulled a Dusty only move in the 9th inning. After bonehead BP swings at the first pitch and pops out, Heisey singles, and instead of letting the hot hitting Frazier hit, then pinch hit Votto for 58 year old Miguel Cairo, he hits Votto for Frazier, then lets Cairo embarrass himself in an at bat that is visual evidence that he should be retired. This team will not last in first place w/ Dusty leading this fundamentally bankrupt team.

completely agree… I was yelling at Baker through the TV. What an idiot. He is lucky this team is in first. I am done with Baker, time to run him out of here before this continues.

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