20 in 20 ends with loss

The Reds concluded a stretch of 20-straight games by dropping game No. 20 in a 2-1 loss to the Pirates.

That meant Cincinnati dropped two of three in the series. It snapped a six road series unbeaten streak.

The good news is they emerged with a 12-8 record in those 20 games, which began with 14-straight games against teams with winning records.

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The Three Stars:

No. 3 star: Matt Hague, PIT — 1-for-4, two-run double. Hague’s two-out double to right-center field in the sixth was the game-winner. Hague also saved his team two runs by catching a Jay Bruce bullet to first base in the top of the first.

“Jay hit the heck out of that ball,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “That ball could have been down that corner but it wasn’t. We kind of had him reeling in the very, very beginning. But then he settled down.”

No. 2 star: Johnny Cueto — 7 ip, 5 H, 2 ER, 4 BB (2 int), 5 K, 103 pitches/65 strikes, 21 of 30 first-pitch strikes. Cueto was very good most of the night but really paid for issuing a two-out walk to Neil Walker in the sixth the set up the game-changing rally.

“I would have liked to get him out. That’s how baseball goes,” Cueto said. “The guy got a good hit. I believe I still threw a very good game.”

No. 1 star: A.J. Burnett, PIT — 7 ip, 2 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 3 K, 103 pitches/65 strikes also. The Bruce scorcher in the first inning was the start of his retiring 17 batters in a row.

“You can’t take anything from him,” Baker said. “He was excellent tonight. He had good command, good control. He got wild a couple of times. There weren’t many deep counts, which sometimes he could be prone to do.”


Time to say something nice about the announcers: last week some other team had a grand slam – the announcer says “… it’s grand salami time! Get out the rye bread and mustard, Grandma, it’s grand salami time!” I am so glad for the restrained style of the Reds’ announcers, which I assume is Marty’s influence.

He has always been so God-awful and trite. I can’t believe we’ve managed to transform his silliness and cliches into the speech of a local icon!

Time to run Baker out of here. His decision are going to destroy this teams chances. I have always liked Baker but after watching his terrible game planning with this game I am done with him. No reason to sit Votto with the up coming days off. No problem with sitting him just again the wrong time. Then he pinch hit him for Frazier instead of Cairo. Could not believe he did that.

I’d much rather have, in a clutch situation, the veteran savviness and steadiness of a Cairo at the dish than the callow Frazier whose swing has so many holes in it.

Denny I agree that I like Cairo and his savviness, just dont think he was a good match up. Frazier has been on fire as of late and is a fast ball hitter. It was a good match up just like Heisey was a good match up. Heck I would have chosen Mesoraco in that situation to pinch hit for Cairo since Dusty used Votto. I just didnt like the match up for Cairo, but Dusty loves his vets..

You can make any pitcher look like Cy Young when he is facing guys like Costanzo. Dusty’s motto is lose today; save them for tomorrow! Hope you are good and rested Votto!

We seem to be taking this too lightly the Reds have too few good sticks ,especially from the left side ,why can’t that be remedied—-get Stubbs,Frazier and Heisey and of course the great Ludwick and possibly others and try to exchange them with a lh bat—of course not all unless he was that good and today that is insane the inaness of the Reds roster is a problem.

Best LH hitter you can get for the money is Dontrelle Willis, who is in the minors.

Damn man, now AC’s room is getting robbed in Pittsburgh??? Mark, you having anything further into this and the $18 million dollar lawsuit from that guy in Florida about him conspiring with officials so he could play in the US? Is this something that could eventually pull him away from the field at some point this year.

Just really weird to me, especially with him getting the ticket for going 93mph a week or two after the lawsuit report….was he running from someone or just having his fun in a new ride??? It’s concerning IMO.

John you brought up a good idea. Why cant Leake be a pinch hitter. He is a very good hitter. Why do we have to be a typical team that cant think outside the box, Catcher must bat 8th pitchers cant hit no matter what. BLAHHH… Leake is the best pinch hitter we have on this team.


I completely disagree with the LH bat vs RH bat. Votto, Philips, and Bruce can hit. We need another hitter. I dont care which way they bat. This has only become a phenomenon over the past decade. If we can pull in a batter like maybe someone like Carlos Quentin and put in LF preferably then our bench is instantly better with Heisey and Ludwick.

I dont remember him having a wife and kids in Cuba. I do know there is a lot of talk about his guy and until we actually know what is going on then it is just talk right now. I am not going to hate the guy for a bunch of talk. Trust me, many MLB as well as other pro-athletes are not the best role-models in the world and so I am not going sit and point out Chapman or really care until all the facts come in. But I will agree some weird stuff is going on.

i don’t think it is just him that acts like they own the world it seems to be a lot of young athletes blessed with a talent that few can muster—sort of like politics it has few ethics and no code of conduct anymore—-Branch Rickey and Connie Mack are turning over in the graveyard of baseball true combattants

Sorry, he had a girlfriend with a kid in Cuba. And now he’s got a girlfriend in the states that is married. What a pimp! Lol

So many negative comments on here with our team in first place- I’d hate to see the comments if we were in the basement!

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