Frazier to the rescue

Reds infielder Todd Frazier certainly had an interesting meal at lunchtime on Tuesday dinner on Monday. Forget what he ate…Frazier saved a man’s life using the Heimlich Maneuver while at a downtown Pittsburgh restaurant with teammate Ryan Ludwick.

“I was talking to him and I see it out of the corner of my eye,” Frazier explained. “I said ‘I think that dude is choking over there.’ He was a little obese and there were two women side-by-side trying to give him the Heimlich. [Ludwick] said get over there because I was the closest one. So I went over there and was yelling at them to get out of the way. They did and I gave two pumps and it came out.”

The man had eaten a very large bite of steak, apparently.

“It was a big fat piece too, it was pretty insane,” Frazier said. “It was a good 30 seconds they were trying at least.

“He paid for our lunch, which he didn’t have to do and said thanks a couple of times. It was pretty surreal. I have never done that before.”


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That a boy (man) Todd your an great example for MLB . Local bob player makes the team. Congratulation to u and ur family . Mike beard(Ryan beard’s dad

frazier is looking like more than just a “one tool player”. where are the haters now?

Nothing should detract, on the day after, from his extraordinary humanitarian intervention. But I’ll stand by my conviction that, as a player, he will never be more than an adequate sub and bench dweller.

Way to go Todd! You make all of us at home in NJ proud once again! We are following the team. Keep up the great work we are all rooting for you! You have always been such an upstanding young man. Could not be happier for you and your family! Keep your eye on the ball and have a great season. We will keep watching! Regards Diane Beard

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Obviously, saving a man’s life is amazing and wonderful. It shows that Frazier is a good human. The other component to this story that is also uplifting, though less so than the life saving event, is that Frazier and Ludwick were dining together. The overall attitude of the clubhouse seems inclusive this year. Not only are the players work colleagues, they are also developing friendships. Having a young guy, like Frazier, spend time away from the game with a veteran, like Ludwick, should be good news to Reds fans.

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