5/29 at PIT

Reds lineup vs. Pirates

Cozart 6
Stubbs 8
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Frazier 5
Mesoraco 2
Bailey 1

*The history says this should be a good matchup for Reds starter Homer Bailey. Over seven starts, he is 5-0 with a 1.94 ERA in his career vs. the Pirates, including 3-0 with a 2.00 ERA at PNC Park.

*To say the Reds have lacked lefty hitting off of the bench this season would be a major understatement. Mike Costanzo is 0-for-11 with six strikeouts as a pinch-hitter and 1-for-13 overall for a .077 batting average. Willie Harris was 3-for-35 (.086) before being outrighted to Louisville.

*It’s become a pastime for people to suggest that about 86 percent of the roster gets optioned or designated for assignment when things don’t go well with certain players. What I rarely hear back are contructive ideas on who should come in and replace them. So, here is the Triple-A Louisville stats page…who down there has numbers that scream for a promotion? Keep in mind that even the right-handed hitting potentials aren’t doing well right now or are injured. Chris Valaika and Paul Janish are on the DL.

*Perhaps the best candidate I could suggest is Dioner Navarro. He’s a switch-hitter and a veteran with respectble numbers down there. And he would be a third catcher when the team is strapped.

***Update: Navarro is hurt too with a right hamstring injury. He’s not on the DL however.

*In the amazing department, Class A Bakersfield SS Billy Hamilton already has 52 steals this season! Click here for a story on Hamilton.


I miss Laynce Nix

What about Henry Rodriguez, switch hitter and terring it up in AA. I agree not many options. Hmm seems like there were a few out there earlier like Abreu or Vlad. Hope we can still make a decent trade for starting LF. That would make our bench better with Heisey and Ludwick

Need an outfielder, need a lefty, need a leadoff man…..go get Ichiro.

What about Joey Gathright. I know we just picked him up but he has to be better than Mike. He has 12 AB but has 4 hits, 1 rbi, 3 walks, 2 so, 1 steal. Mark why don’t they try him?

Ask for Gregg Dobbs @Miami

Gathright’s .240 avg in independent ball before signing doesn’t really wow.

Yea Mark I understand but he has alittle bit of speed and Mike is just swinging and missing alot. But really Joey is the only option other than Navarro. But isn’t he hurt?

Heisey, Leake, and Hoover for Josh Reddick from the A’s.

with the dodgers probably taking the west what do u guys think about san diegos quientin or san fransiscos melky cabrara, both have a decent bat and are free agents to be next year for their clubs. both are making 6-7 mill this year? r they realistic?

How about Willingham. Still wonder if that is any better than Heisey full-time.

Not really looking for trade suggestions.

Why would OAK ever make that trade?

Because Oakland loves the three guys for one deal, and they won’t be able to pay him when he needs a new contract. But ya, not saying any of this will ever happen, just a boring Tuesday afternoon filler. And Mark, what are you looking for then?

Looking for within the system. You can just suggest trades, especially the couple above because you can’t assume both parties involved are even interested in those deals. The point is people always want instant fixes, and sometimes there aren’t any.

Right, I understand. Really there isn’t a fix right now. You just go with what you got. I’m not a Navarro fan, not at all. The thing is though, when you are winning, no one cares about the lefty off the bench, then when you lose, everyone thinks that lefthanded bat would have been the difference. May have been, probably wasn’t. They’ll be fine. Here we are worrying about the 25th man again.

Went to the Bats game yesterday. The guy who really looks good right now is Felix Perez. I know the average is not much, but neither was Frazier’s when they brought him up. Perez can really play the OF and he looks good at the plate. He is definitely a better candidate than Costanzo. Soto is swinging a better bat these days, too, and he should get some time at 3B, as well. Navarro is dinged up and they just brought Peterson back from AA to catch some. When they are ready, though, Yanish and Valakia should quickly replace Valdez and Cairo. It is way past time to address the bench issues.

I would not replace Cairo this year. But would love to see Soto up here for just his potential for the long ball in pinch hitting duties. But I would hate to waste a year of eligibility on pinch hitting.

There are a couple armchair upgrades that don’t take $$$. Playing Heisey every day, for one — he’s outhitting Stubbs and Ludwick by 41 and 68 pts. Moving Hanigan to 2nd or 3rd in the order — his OBP is 90 higher than Stubbs and 94 above Cozart.

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