Mesoraco’s slam wins for Reds

The Reds are rolling with six-straight wins and a 25-19 record. A 6-3 victory over Atlanta made it a four-game series sweep.

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The Three Stars:

No. 3 star: Todd Frazier — 2-for-3, 1 2B, 1 BB, 1 RBI. Frazier’s RBI double in the fourth inning provided the game’s first run.

No. 2 star: Homer Bailey — 6 ip, 4 H, 2 ER, 1 BB, 6 K, 1 HR, 98 pitches/61 strikes. Save for the Michael Bourn two-run homer with two outs in the fifth, Bailey was strong throughout. He now has a 3-3 record and 4.19 ERA with seven quality starts out of his nine games this season.

“I didn’t really feel good tonight,” Bailey said. “We just had to go out there and make do with what we had.”

No. 1 star: Devin Mesoraco — His grand slam inside the left field foul pole in the bottom of the sixth put the Reds ahead for good. It was the first grand slam of Mesoraco’s short career. He got a long ovation and obliged with a curtain call.

“It stayed true and really didn’t hook at all,” Mesoraco said of his homer. “It’s a pretty good sign for me as a hitter. That’s something I definitely look at. If you’re coming around the ball, those are the ones that are going to hook foul but that was a good swing.”

News and notes:

*The Reds slugged 10 home runs in the series and scored 14 of their 16 runs vs. ATL via the long ball. Yowza.

*Homers have compensated for a lack of RISP-hitting. During the winning streak, the Reds are 7-for-44 (.159) with runners in scoring position. Reverse yowza.

*Joey Votto and Jay Bruce, have gone a combined 5-for-40 (.125) during the win streak. They’re getting picked up by the others, especially younger guys like Mesoraco, Frazier, Cozart, etc.

“It’s been a lot of the young guys coming through, which is what you like,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “It builds their confidence. They feel they belong here and worked hard to get here.“

*Starting pitching has been huge…the rotation is 5-0 during the streak with a 2.41 ERA. (11 runs/41 ip)

*Zack Cozart is 8-for-19 during a five-game hitting streak.

*I know fans might be inclined to complain about the RISP and it’s certainly not a good thing. But during winning streaks like this when all is working out in the end, sometimes it’s better not to look at how the sausage is made. The Reds just got through a 14-game stretch vs. plus .500 clubs with a 9-5 record. That is nothing to sneeze at, for sure.


Everytime you write “yowza” I lose respect for your professionalism and career choice.


Tough crowd!

I liked the Yowza, buts a little fun in your day. lol. Cant believe they are doing all this without Votto and Bruce. That has to help for the rest of this year. Did this team just grow up. Man that would be nice.

Yup! This team is growing up before our eyes. The series win at NYY gave this team a ton of confidence. Homer Bailey has to be congradulated. I have not been high on him all year, but he has pitched real well the last month. Has he finally turned the corner? I hope so, because he has worked hard. Frazier’s only problem right now is his inconsistency and agression. He is so aggresive at the plate. Its seems like he always gets himself into 2 strike counts, or quickly is on base with a hit. Curt, I think this guy might be a 2 tool player, because he has the power, but as he continues to get at bats, he’s going to be more deciplined at the plate and the kid can rake as it is. The only problem he has is swinging at bad pitches down and away, just like Stubbs.

I think RISP is an over used stat. It implies there is such a thing as a clutch hitter when there isn’t. There are good hitters who have good ABs under pressure. Is Votto is less of a clutch guy because they pitch around him? The goal is to not make an out!!!
And Mark – Does Dusty use stats other that BA when making matchup decisions? Does his stat line include how hard a player hit the ball, in the air, on the ground etc. BA is a comparatively bad stat to use in making such decisions.

Mark, two questions: The Reds are wrapping up a 20-day stint of games; I thought the most a consecutive days a team could play was 19; did that change with the new CBA? (I see that there are three home off days in June, including one in the middle of a home stand; that’s good). Do teams keep the infield shift on for Votto when there are runners on base? Just curious.

maxblue — I don’t know about the new CBA stipulations but they wouldn’t violate that. I do know that players would have to approve a hypothetical makeup game if it meant playing on that 21st day. As for the shift, I haven’t noticed it as much with runners on. One problem for the defense is Stubbs could easily take two bags if 3B is open like Phillips did a few years ago in Washington.

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