Francisco irks his manager

Ex-Reds 3B Juan Francisco took Mike Leake deep for a home run in Monday’s 4-1 Cincinnati win over the Braves. Francisco admired his long ball a little too much, for Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez’s taste. The Atlanta skipper also wasn’t fond of how Francisco flipped his bat.

Courtesy of my colleague Kevin Goheen, who is covering the Braves this week for

“I spoke to the young man about that the following inning and told him we try not to do that around here,” Gonzalez said. “I don’t like it here. The Braves have been known as a classy organization and I don’t encourage that. Somebody could get hurt; one of his teammates or even himself. Hopefully he’ll get the message.”

Click here for video of Francisco’s homer.

“It kind of [ticked] me off that it was him of all people,” said Leake on Monday. “But it was nice to get a little run going where I was able to throw from the windup.”

Leake retired 14 in a row after the homer.

After a poor showing in Spring Training where he came in overweight and fighting a calf injury he did not rehab properly, Francisco was traded from the Reds to Atlanta on April 1 for RHP J.J. Hoover.


well,well how about that.

Didn’t Francisco make an error the next inning to help the Reds? I think he got what he deserved!

Ill take Hoover (at least so far this season) over a wildly inconsistent and underachieving (still) Francisco. I hope he pans out but I doubt he can mature enough.

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