Leake does it all for first win

The Three Stars after a 4-1 Reds victory over the Braves gave them three in a row and six of nine.

No. 3 star: Zack Cozart — 2-for-4, 1 HR. Cozart needed that after a 2-for-29 skid during the road trip. He went deep in the top of the fourth inning with two outs.

“The road trip wasn’t too kind to me,” Cozart said.

No. 2 star: Drew Stubbs — 2-for-3, 2 HRs. Stubbs hit the game’s first long ball and was the third of the Reds to go back-to-back-to-back in the fourth.

“Whenever you see the guys in front of you hit a homer, it kind of ramps you up a little bit to do it also,” Stubbs said. “I don’t know why that was but we were able to put three good swings in a row.”

No. 1 star: Mike Leake — 8 ip, 2 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 6 K, 98 pitches/68 strikes, 1-for-3 w/ HR. Leake, who got his first victory, now has two very good back-to-back starts following a lousy first six when he was 0-5 with a 7.11 ERA. At one point, he retired 14 in a row.

“I was just attacking, going after hitters and not worrying about who is in the box,” Leake said. “It’s nice to have a little attitude these last couple of outings.”

*The homer was his first in the big leagues, but Leake can handle a bat. His 31 hits in the past three seasons are tied for 2nd most in the Majors.

Click here for the complete game story

News and notes

*Aroldis Chapman wasn’t available tonight but the job got done — with a little drama. Jose Arredondo retired his first two batters but then issued back-to-back two out walks. The former closer, Sean Marshall, had to come in and retired final batter Jason Heyward to get his eighth save.

*The same kid — 20-year-old Caleb Lloyd caught both the Leake and Cozart home runs. Click here to read his story. Maybe he could get an honorary star too?

*The last time Cincinnati hit three-straight homers was 9/10/11 at Colorado.


Wow good power—Leake did well rumors about Chapman —-93mph?

surprised that the reds media didnt mention aroldis chapman’s arrest monday morning. speeding.

Mark, you beat me to it – I was going to nominate the guy who caught the two home runs for the first star. That is just weird. I fell asleep last night trying to calculate the odds. Once he had Leake’s ball, the odds were something like 1 in (Cozart’s HRs per ab divided by Minor’s proclivity for giving up the long ball times the number of seats in GABP plus some consideration for the HR balls that don’t land in the seats). Anyway, it’s a large number. Here’s another one for Elias: how many games where more than four runs were scored had all runs scored on solo home runs? Meanwhile, the Reds need Rolen to have a speedy recovery.

I apologize for being wrong last week when I said Frazier was a zero tool player. He’s a 1 tool player.
Nice win last night. Big start for Latos. He needs this one to feel like he is helping the team a little bit. I think he’ll do well, I just hope we can get some runs off of Beachy.

How about a Caleb Lloyd bobblehead night? Retire his number. Let hm throw out the first pitch.

i heard mike was gonna give caleb a few t-shirts from macys!

This story is very concerning. Hopefully Aroldis wasn’t driving 93mph yesterday in efforts of getting away from somebody.


Good one, Jamie! I’m glad the Reds aren’t in the NFL. Goedell-Uber-Alles would suspend Chapman for half a season and then have him taken out and shot.

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