5/21 vs. ATL

Reds lineup vs Braves

Cozart 6
Stubbs 8
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Frazier 5
Mesoraco 2
Leake 1

*The Reds enter tonight a 1/2 game out of first place, behind STL in the NL Central. The Cardinals coming off being swept at LA, return home for a game tonight vs. the Padres.

*3B Juan Francisco, the ex-Red, is in Atlanta’s starting lineup tonight and not Chipper Jones.

*Jones, who is retiring at season’s end will be honored before Thursday’s game. The Reds are using commemorative bases to honor Jones’ career.


I love a line-up that begins with two guys whose OBPs are under .290.

Not the biggest Chipper fan, but I like the respect the Reds are displaying on Thursday. Class Act.

What do you suggest Jobu?

Guess Heisey is hitting the ball too well so he’ll sit for Ludwick.

lets play Heisey. Are you kidding- Ludwick just hit homer and 3 RBI’s. Look at Ludwick’s rbi and hr numbers compared to Heisey.

Take Ludwick and Heisey’s numbers and multiply them by four. Which one do you want?

I wonder if anyone remembers how hot Bruce was and Dusty first day od Road trip in New York Dusty decided Bruce needed a rest and Bruce after being benched has went from very hot hitter to a cold hitter, I hink Dusty does too much thinking put line up in there and let them play, I am old but remember Big Red Machine Sparky just ket them play as most played everyday all year long.

There are so many myths that swirl around that team these days. They had a trivia question the other day that revealed the myth you reflect. In a two-year stretch (1976-1976), at the height of the Big Red Machine, that much-vaunted Eight played together in tact less than 30% of the time!

Of course, I meant 1975 and 1976.

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