5/19 at NYY

Reds lineup vs. Yankees

Heisey 7
Stubbs 8
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Costanzo DH
Mesoraco 2
Valdez 6

Bailey 1

*Ryan Ludwick, who was hit on the left elbow by a pitch Thursday, is available but got an extra day.

*Dusty Baker was asked if he’d like to see a more diversified offense with the pretense his club relies quite a lot on the home run ball.

“To tell you the truth, I’d like to see some more long ball,” Baker replied. I like to see some variation of offense but we need to get our top guys on in front of the long ball guys. I’d like some more speed, everybody wants that. We’ve been out longballed…in a homer-friendly park. Brandon has two, Rolen has two, Joey has six. We’ve got some guys behind in the pace but they’ll pick it up. We’ve got some young guys that haven’t been here that long that are still learning to hit.”

The Reds have been out-homered, 37-33, this season entering Saturday.

“If guys end up to where they’d normally be, we’ve got some homers coming,” Baker said.


nice to see Heisey in the lead-off position—-any rumors that Jocketty is working on anything ,like reveresing the Padre trade and the Ludwick fiasco.

suprised about costanza. disappointed in ludwick but still think you have to find out if he has anything left in the tank. have to agree with the guys who think hannigan has to be in the 2 hole. the strikeouts of stubbs and cozart really limiting chance to score.
we are about 40 games in. the sample size large enough that we can realize that the offense is disappointing at best. phillips not off the dime yet… rolen..ludwick..stubbs.
too many holes. can live with cozart. defense superb and figure he will come out of it.

bailey and arroyo better than we hoped. bailey has had one bad start. arroyo left in 2 long in each game that has gone bad for him. latos will get his command back. when he throws a strike he is nasty. leake just bad. madson, bray and masset changed everything. think price is a keeper. no help at tripleAAA for starters.

i would think you might bring another reliever up and lose a bench player who will not help. whats the mjagic about carrying only a certain number of pitchers. keep him for tebn days until rolen comes back.

I thought it was Costanzo not Costanza as in George. Mark must be a Seinfeld fan.

Share concerns,however do agree on waiting on anyone right now–please remember how the Cardinals took off and fought their way to the series,we need to think that we can do that ,also.

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