I will not be covering the brief two-game Reds-Braves series in Atlanta. We will still have full coverage on and

Catch you on Wednesday from New York.


Poor Dusty, right now he is debating if he should put in Heisey or Ludwick. Ha, does it even matter?

You know. I am not sure how these two are considered better options than Vladimir Guerrero who signed a minor league contract with the Blue Jays. He hit .290 in almost 600 at bats. I will take that right now. I know he was DHing but would he have been that bad in LF. He is the big RH bat we may have been waiting for at least to hit behind Bruce.

i wish they would have picked up bobby abreu. i think he has few good years left in him and just needed a change of scenery.

Can’t field at all any more.

wow, is he crippled or something?! been watching a lot of bobby abreu huh?

Reds lineup 5/14/12:


Guys a lefthand hitter in left with 20 homer potential and good fielding stats with a little bit of a on base percentage—well what do you think—-anyone with suggestions.

Yes, the answer was Johnny Damon, but we made no move to acquire him. He was our answer if you ask me.

where is he now

You guys forgot Dusty had ace in the hole a left hand hitter who went 3 for 35 till even Dusty said he had to go a few days ago when Cario came off disabled list and he was being paid 800 thousand dollars to be Dusty speed deamon left handed hitter in the pinch , I forgot his name the day he left just like you forget a bad dream and the only hope is we play bad enough for dusty to be gone but good enough to get back in it when Dusty is gone but we know Dusty thinks saving the bull pen is better than winning a game now but I say win now and worry about bull pen later that is what we got Louisville for.

just how good would this team be with big hitter in Texas we got Pitcher for who is now in San Diego with another hitter hitting 300 playing first base he could have been left hander off bench if still here we need

You are correct, sir. Alonso is hitting exactly 300. However, he’s made 5 errors platooned at 1st. Meanwhile, I looked at the Braves site to check on Francisco – hitting just 212 and striking out 1/3 of the time. But here was something interesting: their MLB blogger has only posted 7 times since April 25 and not at all since May 9. I’m not being critical – I have no idea of what the expectations and employment conditions are – I’m just saying we’re lucky to have a conscientious and hard-working lad like Mark blogging for us!

My buddy and I have a question: what are the five tools? Hitting for average, hitting for power, speed and fielding make 4. Is throwing arm the 5th? if so, how does that relate to non-outfielders? Or are we just being stupid?

Throwing arm is correct! It includes accuracy and speed.

Fielding, arm, speed, average, power. Infielders still have to throw.

Like Frazier would be a 0 tool player. Make sense?

Makes sense – so Frazier makes Joey a 6 tool player, as we distinguish fielding batted balls and fielding thrown balls. Examples: yesterday Joey saved Frazier from a throwing error (hence his 6th tool); Mesoraco almost made a great catch and tag (made the tag, not the catch, so no extra tool). Curt, what in heavens name did Frazier do to you, marry your sister? Key your car? Refuse to sign an autograph when you saw him at Skyline? Goodness! (not that I have any tools to attribute to him – I’m not saying you’re wrong, just extravagantly bitter). Do we know anything about this Costanzo person? I never heard of him, even in Spring Training lineups.

I don’t hate Frazier, I just can’t stand the people that annoint minor leaguers as the next big thing. It’s the “Backup Quarterback Syndrome”. Everyone thinks Frazier is great because they want him to be great because right now Rolen isn’t good. Fact is, Frazier has limited range, an unaccurate arm, and he can’t hit the low and away curve. Did you see his at bats last night? Low and away, low and away, nothing, couldn’t adjust. There’s a reason these guys aren’t in the bigs quicker, it’s because the scouts know they are limited. You can’t just look at stats and make an assumption. We don’t know if a guy has three bloop hits in the minors in a game, we just see 3 for 3. We don’t know if a guy lined out four times in a row, we just see the 0 for 4. The scouts and the managers know what is real. Just like Dave Sappelt last year, everyone was so high on him because of his spring training average, but they said he wasn’t good at base running. He comes in and makes like three bonehead plays in a couple of games, and we instantly new. By the way, he is batting a nice .218 at Iowa with an 0-4 game yesterday, which were probably lineouts, but might have been popups to the catcher. See what I mean. We can only trust management.

That’s a damn good synopsis Curt! I’m being serious here because you made many very good points in all of that. However, I am still a believer in Frazier. I think the guy rake and it’s not at all fair to break him down over just last nights game. Yeah the guy did not have a good game. But give him more than 4 at bats to “adjust” you now? It happens to the best of them. He definitely is not the fielder that Rolen is, but not many 3rd baseman in the league are. I think we are all a little spoiled over that fact. Because Rolen is ARGUABLY the best defensive 3rd baseman EVER. But I do think Frazier will do a decent enough job over there to hold down the fort. Mix in a little Cairo and Valdez from time to time and your all good. But last night did not at all make me feel good about the chance that Frazier is getting here. Hoping he can forget about it and move on, because he has been hitting the ball well this year.

Costanzo is another career minor league. Has some good pop, but you won’t see him doing much more than pinch hitting. Although I could see Dusty starting him today, but he should run Frazier right back out there. One of the decisions that make you a good manager or not. Because you have to run Frazier back out there so he can put yesterday’s game behind him. Let’s see what Dusty does….I bet he goes with either Cairo or Costanzo.

(posted last Friday…some familiar faces…)

AL RBI Leaders…

1. J. Hamilton* TEX 38
2. E. Encarnación TOR 28
3. A. Dunn CWS 25

* since Monday, Hamilton has hit more HRs
than Votto, Pujols, Soriano, Mauer and Gonzalez…
combined, for their entire season!

I hear ya Mike, but it was more than just last nights game. He has struggled in almost every game he has started because they know how to pitch him. Now when he pinch hits and faces a reliever that throws heat, ya, then he can hit and can succeed. I don’t hold out a lot of hope for Frazier, but I do think he can be a good solid bench player this year. Not hating on him or anything, I just don’t see it right now.

I think 15 G and 33 AB isn’t enough time to say whether Frazier can play at this level or not. His spring and stats thus far (.273 /.333 /.545 /.879) seem to indicate some ability. But, we will never know unless Dusty plays him for a period of time. Same with Heisey; play him, then make a decision. However, this lineup one day versus a different lineup the next is not conducive to play.
Also, this swinging door policy on catchers and their favorite pitchers is equally over-managing.
If Mesoraco is our future, let him learn from Hanigan, however also let him catch all SP, not just
the two lollygaggers.

I agree with the catching for the most part, but if Cueto says he is comfortable with Hanigan and wants to pitch to him, then that is fine with me. He can work with Mes in the offseason or during his bullpen days.

Smart move by Dusty getting Frazier back out there:

Today’s lineup:

1. Zack Cozart (R) SS
2. Drew Stubbs (R) CF
3. Joey Votto (L) 1B
4. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
5. Jay Bruce (L) RF
6. Chris Heisey (R) LF
7. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
8. Ryan Hanigan (R) C
9. Johnny Cueto (R) P

Up until Sunday’s game, I was going to float a strange idea – bat Stubbs first, Votto second, Phillips third and Bruce fourth. The idea was that we all want Bruce in the cleanup spot, and Dusty doesn’t want him and Joey back-to-back. Okay, let that go – it only made sense if Votto was showing just doubles-power; no longer the case. However, that lineup had one other virtue – it got Cozart out of the lead-off spot. I’m not sure what’s the answer there, but I don’t have a lot of confidence in his getting on base in front of a suddenly potent JV / BP. On the other hand, have the Reds won three in a row this year – they can do it tonight. Go Reds!

Ya, they won three in a row earlier this year, would have been four but Angel Pagan went deep.

I’m fine with platooning at catcher. It’s worked out the last couple of years and I think it’s working just fine this year. The same goes for left field, in my opinion. I’m not sure either Heisey or Ludwig are headed for good years, but swapping them out to face pitchers they’re more likely to hit against seems pretty reasonable. I’d rather they’d have added a bit more payroll/talent in left during the offseason, but I guess I should be happy they’ve spent as much as they have!

Did someone actually suggest we go dig up Johnny Damon? Not sure he’s on pace for 20 homers, Curt.

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