Votto has huge Sunday

A lost Mother’s Day dinner was probably worth it for many. Joey Votto had the most memorable of games as his three home run afternoon included a grand slam for the walk off 9-6 victory over the Nationals.

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To the Three Stars:

No. 3 star: Chris Heisey. Guys that go 0-for-4 don’t usually get a star but Heisey had a huge plate appearance in the ninth inning against Henry Rodriguez. Down 0-2 with two outs in the ninth, Heisey took four-straight pitches for ball four that loaded the bases for Votto.

No. 2 star: I will go with the fans that sat out in the rain all day. The rain delay was 3 hours, 36 minutes and the game itself was 3 hours, 45 minutes. The announced crowd was 28,361 fans, but it was nowhere near that number by the ninth. Normally that would merit a No. 1 star but I’d be nuts in this case.

No. 1 star: Joey Votto. Who else? He was 4-for-5 with three homers, six RBIs and four runs scored. Elias Sports Bureau says that Votto is the first player in MLB history with 3 homers and walkoff grand slam in same game. He didn’t have a homer before today since April 30.

“Everybody is talking about how he is just treading water and then all of a sudden he has a game like today,” Drew Stubbs said. “Not only did he hit three homers, he was not far from having five. Hopefully he’s back to the same Joey that we’re used to.”

Votto was in a 2-2 count and had fouled off pitches of 97 mph and 99 mph from Rodriguez.

“Usually in those situations, I try my best to put the ball in play and make something happen,” Votto said. “I took a couple of good swings, missed them and fouled them back. That last one, I tried to make a choice and shorten up. The ball ended up carrying out of the ballpark, which is not that typical when you’re shortening up and trying to put the ball in play.”

News and notes:

*The Reds are 17-16 for the season and can bid the Nationals season series goodbye at 2-5.

*During his eight-game hitting streak, Votto is 12-for-28 (.428)

*The Reds are 10-1 on getaway days and 6-0 on Sundays.

*The last walkoff grand slam for the Reds was by Adam Dunn vs. Cleveland’s Bob Wickman on 6/30/06.

*Mike Costanzo made his MLB debut and hit a sacrifice fly for an RBI in the bottom of the fifth as a pinch-hitter.


“That’s as good of a day as you’ll see outside of Josh Hamilton over there in Texas. That’s a game that will hopefully get us going. We’d like to see Joey hot like that. That was big. You’ve just got to believe.” — Dusty Baker on Votto

“You have the long delay and just grind through the rain playing from behind. You chip away a little bit and end it in that fashion. It’s very gratifying to be able to do that.” — Drew Stubbs

“I didn’t feel super good today. My command was little off on a few pitches and it pigeon holed me to throw a lot of breaking balls. I was just working hard. They were fouling a lot of pitches off. I had guys on base multiple innings. I just couldn’t have a quick inning.” — Bronson Arroyo

“We’re going to try and get every win we can. We’re a good team. I don’t think we’re a .500 team. I think we’re better than that. These are the types of wins good teams get. This is not a special win. If you want to be a good team, you have to get these types of wins.” — Joey Votto


Well its about time,but what a day—-thanks Joey,

Nats closer Rodriguez struck out the side the night before – last night he didn’t look comfortable on the muddy mound. He seemed to be having trouble locating his release point (I learned that from the Cowboy)

Hey…Welch has been talking about the fine art of release points for about two decasdes now. Are you part of the seemingly concerted effort to undervalue his expertise?

Our DVR malfunctioned, so we returned from a Mother’s Day outing to find we’d missed a great one! Do it again, Joey! I promise we’ll be watching this time!

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