Killing time in a rain delay

It’s after 3 p.m. and the rain delay for the Reds-Nationals finale is at the two-hour mark. The next update we’re getting is at 4 p.m. ET.

Feel free to read today’s notebook, featuring new arrival 3B Mike Costanzo. He’s had an eight-year journey to reach the Majors at 28.

Also in that notebook, Dusty Baker pointed out he’d like his hitters to be more aggressive. He didn’t concede anything to the quality pitching displayed by the Nationals.

Baker believes that the strikeouts weren’t from being too aggressive, but not aggressive enough on quality pitches. Too often, in the manager’s mind, the pitcher has had strike one.

“You want to attack that fastball,” Baker said. “That’s what we have to start doing as a unit. Everybody is asking, ‘How come this guy is swinging at the first pitch sometimes, or do you want him to take a pitch?’ We’re taking fastballs and they’re getting ahead of us.

“I don’t know where people get that from, [asking], ‘Why do you swing at the first pitch?’ Especially with runners in scoring position, they’re going to get ahead of you. There are only one of two things they can do to you, they either run at you and get ahead, or run from you and hope you chase them. If you don’t, then they have to run at you.”

Not included in the notebook was Baker’s feelings on going to New York later this week for a rare trip where they face the Mets and Yankees in back-to-back series.

“I’ve never done that,” Baker said. “You don’t sleep in New York, even when you just go to your room.  There is noise.  Doors slamming all day and night.  People coming in at 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning.  Nobody in the town sleeps.  You’ve got sirens and horns.  You don’t sleep.  The second thing is, when you leave New York, you think somebody broke in your room and stole some money because you are always coming up light.  It’s true, I’m on the 52nd floor checking my windows.  I remember the first time I went there, I had a burger, fries and a drink and it was $20…I ate it slower.  I enjoyed every bite.”


Hey cool post, I guess if they waited this long they going to play, but when?

Dear Mr. Sheldon,
I was wondering how you feel about the Hamilton trade? Marty and Jeff said last year that they still make that trade despite the numbers Hamilton keeps putting up. Obviously, those comments were not based on his ability to play.

Well with 5 years of hindsight and everything that’s happened since, it was not a successful trade for the Reds. But at the time and through year one in 2008, it was a different story. The Reds bought low and sold high on Hamilton and got a good pitcher in return in Volquez, who was a 17-game winner and All-Star his first year here. What we don’t know about the trade, and may never know because no one is saying, is what information the Reds had on Hamilton when they made the deal. Were they worried about his durability? (a fair concern). Were they worried about a relapse? (another fair one in light of facts). I don’t view the Hamilton deal as a total debacle like the infamous one that sent Frank Robinson to the Orioles. In that trade, the Reds knew exactly what they had with Robinson and he went on to win a Triple Crown/MVP the very next season. It doesn’t get much worse than that.

I agree with you about Robinson. I’m watching the present offense and they could really use Hamilton right now. BTW, 3 of the top homerun hitters to this point are ex-reds. How so very strange.

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