Rolen to have shoulder checked

Reds 3B Scott Rolen has a 6 p.m. ET appointment with team medical director Dr. Tim Kremchek to have his left shoulder examined. This is the same shoulder that needed surgery multiple times over the years, including last season when he missed most of the second half.

It’s no secret that Rolen has been stuggling. He batting .174 with two home runs and 11 RBIs in 29 games.

“It’s a tough question because it’s an easy excuse,” Rolen told, regarding his shoulder. “I’m responsible for my at-bats when I go out on the field. I have not contributed. I have not been productive in any capacity.

“I’m not helping anybody right now. I’m not helping the ballclub right now. I’m probably hurting the ballclub right now with the way I’ve been swinging the bat and have been playing.”

Rolen called head trainer Paul Lessard earlier today to let him know his shoulder wasn’t right and then spoke with manager Dusty Baker when he got to the ballpark.

Todd Frazier got the start at third base for the Reds on Saturday vs. the Nationals.

More later…


Good-bye Scottie, and by the way I wish we had Encarnacion back – Rolen was always a stop gap while waiting for another 3rd baseman to develop. Well, the time is now and I do not really care how Rolen excuses himself, he is just not the player he used to be and needs to be relegated to becoming a key bench player. His experience is valuable, how about as the Reds new hitting coach?

Encarnacion? Shirley, ye jest

Wow, kick a guy when he’s down. Rolen is a gamer, it takes a lot of balls to admit the things he did…not letting pride get in the way of what is good for the team. He’s a class act and one of the greats – the Reds have been lucky to have him, even if it’s is presence and not his bat. Hopefully he’ll be back to 100%

Rolen should be made a coach as he is a great individual just not up to the job right now but is well loved by the red fans and now if Dusty would just man up and all the fans will chip in and buy one way ticket to California as Dusty not bad guy just stuborn not qualified manager for this team at this time aswhat good does it do night after night say I am saving relivers for future games if it means you lose this game win when can and let tomorrow figure itself out

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