Rolen to DL, Costanzo up

The Reds announced that 3B Scott Rolen went on the 15-day DL with a strained left shoulder. Cincinnati purchased the contract of 3B Mike Costanzo from Triple-A Louisville.

In a combined 34 games with Louisville and Double-A Pensacola, Costanzo batted .303 with six homers and 24 RBIs. When he appears for the Reds, it will be his big league debut. The 28-year-old was a second-round pick of the Phillies in 2005.

Costanzo will wear No. 25 for the Reds. He will give the Reds a left-handed bat off of the bench. They had none since Willie Harris was sent down.

UPDATED: Here is some quotes from Rolen’s media session at 6:45 after the news was revealed.

“I was struggling.  I called in today at about noon and said that this isn’t working.  I’m hurting, I’m in pain.  I’m not healthy right now and as much as I want to help the team, I am hurting the team.”

“I’m not taking competitive at-bats and they’re actually going the wrong way.  I was fighting to stay on the field and the one thing I talked about all spring–all the way through–was I wanted to play the season.  I didn’t want any DL time.  I didn’t want to talk about the pink elephant in the room and here we’re kind of talking about it.  I’m not healthy right now.  I’m going to go on the DL for 15 days. ”

“We’re going to address it and take some time off.  Try to do a lot of stretching, try to get a lot more mobility and try to get the inflammation out of there that is causing the problems.”

“I don’t see this as a very long term thing.  Like I said, it’s not a surgical procedure where we’re going down that road again.  I’ve had a tough time with it and I’m in a bad spot right now with it.  It’s inflammed, fatigued and it needs to settle down and be rested. I’m not sure if there will be injections or what we’ll do with cortizone to try to calm the thing down but we’re going to treat it as well as we can.”

Click here for the video of Rolen interview


Dusty…pssssst…another tough, tough decision for you…
…who are you going to play at 3B; Frazier or Costanzo?
(ps…careful Mr. Baker)

He’ll play Cairo…nevermind that every time Todd plays he’s on base, or giving a professional at bat (read Stubbs)…if Todd plays, Dummpy may give the fans something they want to see!

Cairo’s back. No decision necessary.

I think like you,that there is terrible personnel management with the Reds, however the federal government can not decide enough issues to end the money problems in the land of freedom,do you think Reds management should all run for the senate.I, also would like to point out failure of power of Pujols,Fielder,Votto and Phillips after signing big contracts—–any one want Soriano,

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