Pink bat hunt

Louisville Slugger is breaking out the pink bats for Mother’s Day weekend, and several players will be using them on Sunday. This is the seventh season of their pink bat program to raise awareness against breast cancer.

On Saturday, Louisville Slugger is staging a Mother’s Day Pink Bat Hunt around Cincinnati, where 15 bats will be hidden around town. Clues to find the bats will be distributed on Louisville Slugger’s Facebook and Twitter account @sluggernation. The first clue will be sent at 1 p.m. ET on Saturday. The initiative is to benefit MLB breast cancer charities.

The bat looks like this, happy hunting…


I do wish I were in Cincinnati… if someone wants to hunt for me … that’d be great😉

Me too man. Moved away right after we won the WS in 1990 and still miss it to death. Get to come back every once in a while for the major softball tourney’s that I play there every year, but I sure wish I still lived in that town. The steel Industry brought me to NW Indiana and I probably won’t ever have the chance to live in Cincy again. Just a great town for sports town for a nut like myself. That’s why I love Mark’s blog so much, gets me closer to the Cincy that I will always have a special place for in my heart…my stomping grounds! Usually try to make a trip to the GAB once a year but with the 5 hour drive and all that it’s not the easiest thing to do. Just waiting on Mark to offer to set me up for a weekend with some great seats…LOL! Just kidding. But if I were in Cincy right now, I’d be running all over the place looking for one of those bats.

Anyone have any idea what’s up with Willie Harris? I haven’t seen any more news since he was demoted, and he hasn’t reported to Louisville, as far as I can see (we could sure use him!)

Saw a tweet from Matt Andrews, who does radio for the Bats that there was a Willie Harris sighting yesterday.

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