Leake: ‘Not getting job done’

I’m dispensing with the three stars tonight. The bigger issue was the poor performance by Mike Leake in a 7-3 Reds loss to the Nationals.

Leake’s line: 3 ip (career-low), 7 H, 6 ER (season high), 2 BB, 3 K, 2 HR

The homers came from two weak-hitting lefties — Roger Bernadina, who came in batting .189 and Danny Espinosa, who came in batting .191.

Leake has a 0-5 record with a 7.11 ERA in six starts this season.

“I’m just not getting the job done,” Leake said. “I’m missing spots, not hitting spots, and I just have to figure it out.”

If the Reds make a change, the decision might have to be quicker than a few days. Their most likely option, in my mind, LHP Jeff Francis, is scheduled to start on Saturday for Triple-A Louisville. Francis is 2-4 with a 4.15 ERA in seven starts, but has only nine walks compared to 43 strikeouts.

Before you fire back at me, I just don’t see the switch being made to Aroldis Chapman. Yes the bullpen is solid this season, but he’s a huge reason why and Masset and Bray are still nowhere close to being back.


“I was watching (Leake’s) last outing and what he throws to lefties. I know he’s a sinkerballer and he’s got to get it up. He threw me a lot of pitches and I fouled a lot of them. He gave me one I could handle and I hit the home run.” — Roger Bernadina

“We’re all concerned. We’ve been concerned. As far as we know, he’s healthy. He wasn’t getting ahead of anybody. You pitch from behind, you’re asking for trouble. He was either off the plate or over the heart of the plate so we’re concerned, big time. We’re thinking and doing all we can do at this point in time. The rest of it is up to the player.” — Dusty Baker on Leake

“It’s probably in the head somewhere. I just have to find it.” — Mike Leake.


how many times did the reds leave the bases loaded?

If they’re going to reach down to the minors, then why not Tomko? He’s on the same schedule as Leake and has performed reasonably in Louisville.

didnt he play for the reds in the 80’s?

It seems like it, doesn’t it? Actually, late Nineties!

Poor offence is putting pitching under pressure. I hope we get some timely hitting with men on base. I wish Dusty would leave Heisey in left field. This platooning is not helping team.

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