5/3 vs. CHC

Reds lineup vs Cubs

Heisey 8
Harris 5
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Mesoraco 2
Valdez 6
Bailey 1

*Obviously, this lineup isn’t one we’ve seen often. There were several reasons it was chosen, according to Dusty Baker.

“We’ve got a lot of ball and you have to get some guys playing time so they’re ready when you need them,” Baker said. “Sometimes you do it one at a time and sometimes you do it as mass substitutions. Plus the guys I am not playing haven’t had a whole bunch of success against [Ryan] Dempster.”

*Drew Stubbs is in a 0-for-14 funk, and is 4-for-21 lifetime (.190) vs. Dempster.

“Drew was going pretty good and now he’s starting to scuffle a little bit,” Baker said. “I want to stop it before it gets chronic.”

*Scott Rolen is 6-for-34 (.176) lifetime vs. Dempster. Willie Harris is 3-for-7 (.429).

*INF Miguel Cairo (strained left hamstring) is headed to Class A Dayton for a rehab assignment expected to last three games. Cairo will play with the Dragons Thursday night, Friday and Saturday.

“If everything goes right, I will meet the team in Milwaukee,” Cairo said. “The big thing is playing defense, and reacting to balls and running the bases when you get a hit.”

*And here is something you don’t see often. Today’s starting pitchers — Homer Bailey and Dempster — are both celebrating birthdays today. Bailey turned 26 while Dempster is 35.

“One is going to be happy, the other is going to be sad,” Baker said.


why are Ludwick and no-talent Harris playing—lrt’s give Frazier a chance and stay with Heisey—-go after Gomes and re-sign either Orlando Cabrera or trade for someone who deserves to be a Red.

Dusty is so stupid he thinks Willie Harris Murray Wills of the dodgers when they had him a two hall of fame pitchers

Chapman best left hander in history to be used as mop up pitcher last three times he was used by Baker

Here we are with an important game today and we have the B team in the line-up! I just don’t get it! It can’t be cause the guys need rest because they have already had two days off this week. No way Harris OR Valdez should be playing!

I must agree with you, Dave. Other than the 3,4,5 spots in the line-up, this is strictly “B” team. If the Cubs run out anything close to their “A” team, we will end up being swept, AT HOME, BY THE CUBS!!!! I had considered taking today off of work to drive down for today’s game (great weather and need a mental health day). I’m so glad I did not waste my time and money. I’m not even going to tune this game in on the radio. What a waste!!!!

Why is Dusty using best left hander in Basbakll as a mop up Pitcher that is what has happened last three times of our 30 million dollar man

If dusty wants fast player they have the fastest guy in baseball in the minors and if you can or not get refund on Willie Harris 800 thousand get rid of him

Cannot wait for this lineup to fail. I already picked Dempster for fantasy after seeing Dusty trot out this terrible bunch. No Frazier, No Cozart. We will get beat badly today and when it happens Dusty will be its okay guys. I really hope he keeps this up so at the all-star break they fire him

Good grief Dusty! I bet Homer Bailey is feeling pressure to throw a shutout now!

put baker in an asylum.

kind of surprised… but with both Cozart & Stubbs struggling a bit… I can’t argue with them getting a day off. I would like to Frazier in the lineup though… instead of oh.. maybe Harris who has no business being on the team. I can swing a bat left handed… maybe I should try to be the bench player for the reds… I’d probably do as good.

Colzart and Stbbs were hitting good at first and second in the order but dusty gave Colzart rest few days ago and nothing same since get one line up and stay with it and fire Dusty yesterday

Calm down…neither Cozart nor Stubbs are hitting. A bit of a mental break for them. Heisey gets a shot in center. Many have been calling for that. If you do that, Ludwick has to play. Let Harris have a shot at a handful of consecutive at-bats again. And there is virtue in a shake-up after being thoroughly throttled a night ago.

#firedusty, what a joke. Get him outta here, make Sheldon’s life easier. Trying to justify Dustys seemingly daily stupidity is a daunting task. You deserve a raise, unless you agree with dusty most of the time, in that case, may god have mercy on your soul!

I understand most except Harris. I dont care what explination Dusty has. No reason to leave Frazier out of this line up. He hasnt even been allowed to be Rolans fill in on the third day consistantly.

it is unbelievable that frazier is not in the lineup and harris is. guy has not hit a ball hard once that i have seen. baker setting us up to send frazier down when cairo comes back. never crazy about francisco but did we trade him so harris could be back up third baseman? understand valzez playing. cozart could use a day once in a while.
walt… enough is enough. lethargic….uninspiring … and terrible decision making.

What was wrong with Monday and Tuesday being their mental break? Why does Dusty seem to always be willing to trade a win for saving a guy’s arm or giving a guy a rest? Too much of that leads to a well rested team that doesn’t make the playoffs. I understand it has to be done sometime, but I think it has happened far too often under Baker.

Oh the SKY IS FALLING!!!!! Lookout!!! Calm down people, they’ll win this game. Just because it’s a weak lineup in a few spots doesn’t mean a loss, you know better than that. Well, most of you probably don’t. The only criticism I can agree with is Frazier. I’m not a Frazier guy, I don’t think he is the answer, but there is NO REASON AT ALL that he shouldn’t be in this lineup today.

Frazier should definitely be in. I’m sick of Dusty giving Willie Harris chances! The guys sucks!

Happy Birthday Homer. Hope you come out and shine this afternoon.

I think today may be the last chance for Harris. I think Dusty is giving him one last chance.. If he does nothing today, which is likely, then he is gone when Cairo comes up. I HOPE!!!!

Please be right!!

Mike, even if that is true. I dont excuse it. But lets at least hope that is true

I cannot stand Harris. He is absolutely awful. GET HIM OFF THE TEAM!

I 100% agree

As i was talking with my daughter after last nights game and wondering about some of Dusty’s moves she posed the possible solution that Dusty has given up on this season. After seeing this lineup this may be the only explanation. We all need to get used to the fact that Harris is this year’s Gomes, Taveras or Paterson.

It really hurts to say but if this keeps up and St. Louis keeps winning we may be out of the race before May is done. I hope I am wrong.

Dusty remember Cal Ripkin and Lou Gehrig they played

Was that in little league Harris had 3 hits against Cubs pitcher , I used to think Dusty nuts to play Harris but I now think Reds Owner nuts to keep Dusty a man that would have you sign Willie Harris at 800 tousand dollars give it to a soup kitchen where it will do some good

I have been reds fan for 74 years and dusty is worst manager in history of Reds as he rests people in April before the season starts, win games early to create fans to creat wins and energy later, I lived in Los Angles when dusty was playing and day after day Dodgers won with same line up as much as possible and same goes for big red machine butbaker thinks he is smarter than all other managers play till they drop and then rest them after we have the wins.

Bottom of 10. Nobody out runners on 1st and 3rd. Willie Harris up……Is it bad that I hope he strikes out still, so that we cut his sorry a$$!!! LOL. Then let Votto do his damage!

OOOP’s nevermind, forgot Rolen came in for him. Nice comeback Reds!!!!!!

I feel dirty, like we stole something, cause we definitely didn’t earn it.

Yeah…I just got out of the shower and that dirty feeling wasn’t washed away. But they say these things even out. Maybe they do! Recall the game the Giants “stole” from us exactly a week ago on another get-away Thursday afternoon contest.

This was not a Reds win but a Chicago give away the game last week to giants dusty never even went to mound to talk to the pitcher after that got two on before the home run guess him and Harris was having a talk where they going to dinner, Harris is Dusty mistake and the owner needs to tell both Dusty and Harris to go back to west coast

So some how does Reds Mgmt think Dusty made all the right moves since they won? Man I hope not

If Harris isnt gone when Cairo comes back up. I’m jumping on the get rid of Dusty bandwagon! $hit, I already have one foot on it! He is driving this team right into the ground with all of his lineup shuffling! It’s got to stop!

Baker is not the ultimate decision-maker when it comes to movement on and off the 25-man roster!

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