All Samardzija

It was all Jeff Samardzija as the Cubs buried the Reds in a 3-1 loss on Wednesday. For the game story, click here.

To the Three Stars:

No. 3 star: Brandon Phillips — 1-for-4. It’s a reach, I know. Phillips notched the Reds first hit with a single. His heads up play to start a run down on Jay Bruce’s double play to first base allowed Joey Votto to score his team’s only run.

No. 2 star: Bryan LaHair, CHC — 1-for-4, HR. LaHair hit a 2-2 fastball to right-center field off of Bronson Arroyo in the top of the second for a homer that gave Chicago the lead.

No. 1 star: Jeff Samardzija, CHC — 7.2 ip, 3 H, 1 ER, 2 BB, 7 K, 94 pitches/60 strikes.

“That’s the best we’ve seen probably this year against us,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “Usually he doesn’t have that kind of command and control. Our reports say he’s throwing the ball good and you could see he was at 95-98 and when he left, he was throwing 95-96.”

News and notes:

*Bronson Arroyo pitched OK, but it paled compared to Samardzija — 6 ip, 9 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 3 K, 2 HR, 99 pitches/67 strikes.

*Even though the run scored in a rundown fashion, Bruce did not get a RBI in the fourth inning as itwas correctly was ruled a GIDP, no RBI, run counts.

*Drew Stubbs was 0-for-4 in the game and is in a 0-for-14 skid.

*J.J. Hoover was impressive again as he pitched the ninth inning. Hoover had one strikeout, getting Reed Johnson with 94 mph heat.

*Ryan Hanigan’s career-best eight-game hitting streak ended with a 0-for-3.

*Here is my story on Jay Bruce and the plans for Brian Wilson Field in Clermont County. You can also watch some video below.


“They fought me hard tonight. The Cubs aren’t traditionally a lineup that would foul off so many pitches off me. They got my pitch count up quicker than I wanted to. I was grinding after the first inning, almost every inning. That takes a toll on you a little bit.” — Bronson Arroyo

“We can’t say a whole bunch about that game. We didn’t do anything wrong. They just did a lot of things right.” — Dusty Baker


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Sorry it was not the Cubs as much as the hitters on the Reds and lack of taking pitches off balane swining and not watching the pitcher to determine what to do,I THINK BAKER AND THE COACHING STAFF SHOULD BE RELIEVED OF THEIR DUTIES , and Castelini should fire Jocketty and think about resigning himself for the long term signing of Votto and Phillips ater 63 years as a Reds fan I can no longer hold my head up with pride——baseball has to take charge of baseball and the Reds need people who know talent.

Mark, do you think the league has scouted a hole in Cozart’s swing? He seems to be struggling at the plate. As always, lots of Cubs fans at GABP – annoying to hear them cheering in the bottom of the ninth. Get ’em today though. Send them home unhappy! Reds own the final games of series! Go Reds!

Wow, what one loss can do. I have no problem with the Reds swinging at the first pitch. A lot of the times that’s the best pitch you’re going to see. It was a bad game, you play 162 of them, it’s going to happen. On to the next.

I know good pitching beats good hitting, but our offense really seems to struggle against average pitching and makes it look good. While St Louis seems to make good pitching look average. I am staying calm but getting nervous about the way this team is playing

As I said on here in the off-season, Cards would be better sans Pujols, freeing up monies to address their weaknesses. They have. Beltran had 7 RBIs last night. Bullpen is better. Decent starting pitchers like Westbrook and Lohse have been retained. So too Furcal, for both offensive and defensive improvements over most of last year. The exact opposite is true of our team. They have now boxed themselves in for years. Though the bench is clearly pathetic, you hear no talk of upgrade because there are few if any resources for that.

maxblue — have no doubt that scouts and pitchers are finding ways to get Cozart out. That’s the nature of the business…rookies often come out out until the adjustments are made. Now it’s up to Cozart to keep re-adjusting and stay a step ahead of the reports.

It’s funny, I grew up with Jeff’s older brother Sammy Samardzija. Him and I are still good friends. Jeff used to tag along and want to play at all of our baseball, football and basketball games throughout AAU and high school. Love seeing Jeff do well. He is a great kid and made a very good decision to choose baseball over football. Congrats on a great start last night Jeff. You had our Reds number all night long.

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