Cairo not activated yet

*INF Miguel Cairo (strained left hamstring) won’t be activated tonight, or Wednesday, it appears. The plan is to have him go on a rehab assignment before he can be activated. He was eligible to come off of the DL as soon as today.

“At first he wasn’t thinking he would need it [rehab assignment], but he hadn’t played that much prior to his injury,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “It’s not like it’s mid-June or July and he has a whole bunch of at-bats. We need Miguel. The guy has been a big part of our team. We anticipate some time on the next road trip that he’ll be back.”

Cairo was on the field early and ran the bases today and said there was no trouble. He also took groundballs during BP.

“No problems. Everything is mental now,” Cairo said. “I’m game ready but it’s different when you run the bases like this and you’ve got the game going on. You have to really push. We’ll see how it feels later on or tomorrow.”

Jay Bruce on winning the Player of the Week award: “This has happened before. Player of the Week isn’t the problem. It’s the other weeks where I kind of stink for a little bit. I’m trying to make the most of this and minimize the downs and try to win games.”

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Granted that to some extent players are coached on what to say to the media but I really like Jay’s projected attitude and am really pulling for him to achieve that consistancy. If he gets it then the Reds will really have a great player hopefully for a long time.

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