Bruce is NL Player of the Week

From my colleague Joey Nowak:

Reds right fielder Jay Bruce, who led the Majors in slugging and total bases last week, was named the National League’s Player of the Week, Major League Baseball announced on Monday afternoon.

Bruce tallied 24 total bases and a 1.143 slugging percentage while also tying for the Major League lead with four home runs. He was second in the NL with 10 RBIs and a .542 on-base percentage on the week.

It is Bruce’s fourth career Player of the Week honor, having won once in 2010 and twice last year (most recently Aug. 15, 2011)


Well deserved Jay. keep it up bro!!!

bRUCE is going to be much more ,before year is over.

Agreed. I think this is his year.

Yeah breakout year for him I think. If he can stay out of those extended slumps that is. He’s already had one slump this year. But minimizing it more than years past already.

The line between good clubs and bad is very fine. The Cubs record is awfu but … they hit about the same as the Reds – they pitch about the same as the Reds – their fielding is bad but not that much worse – they only have 9 homeruns for the year but have stolen more bases. They’re behind the Reds in almost every category but only in small increments. It sure makes a difference in the standings. Go Reds! Eat the Cubs for lunch, dinner and dessert!

Reds lineup today 5/1/12:


Looking like a rainout tonight though…..

Curt’s Rain Man – you going Curt?

Ha, nope, not going to any this series. I’m going to say there won’t be a rainout but the game won’t start until like 9PM. That’s my official report.

Uh oh, looks like I should be a weatherman.

Uh oh….looks like I should be a weatherman! Told ya they wouldn’t play. If they were playing someone outside of the division. They would have started late. But plenty of chances to make it up with the Cubs!

Ya, that was a weird one. They definitely could have played but there wasn’t a sense of urgency. They said another cell was coming through but it never did. Oh well.

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