Marshall blows save, game

A big ol’ heartbreaker at GABP for the Reds on Thursday.

Taking a 5-3 lead into the ninth, Sean Marshall blew his first save in five chances when Angel Pagan hit a three-run homer for a 6-5 loss to the Giants.

What killed Marshall was the leadoff walk issued to Joaquin Arias to start the rally. Marshall also just missed a strike three pitch to Pagan before the 1-2 curveball was taken deep to left field.

Read more about the game here.

Three stars:

No. 3 star: Homer Bailey — 6.1 ip, 7 H, 3 R, 2 ER, 2 BB, 6 K, 86 pitches/59 strikes. Bailey was getting groundballs from the aggressive Giants most of the afternoon. He had only 72 pitches through six innings, thanks in part to a six-pitch fifth and a nine-pitch sixth. Had Brandon Phillips turned a double play ball from Arias in the fourth, he might have had an even better line.

“We had some quick innings there,” Bailey said. “Today, we have a fastball and split working so we were able to get some groundballs and quick outs.”

No. 2 star: Jay Bruce — 3-for-4, two RBIs, two runs. In the sixth, Bruce lifted a high drive to right-center field. It looked catchable for Pagan until the ball landed in the first row of seats for Bruce’s fourth homer of the season and his first in 58 at-bats.

No. 1 star: Angel Pagan, SF — 3-run homer did in Marshall and the Reds. He struck out on a curveball from Marshall on Wednesday. Not this time.

“I knew he was going to try to get me again but I wasn’t trying to look for it, I was just trying to react if he threw it for a strike,” Pagan said. “He threw it in my zone. I tried to put it in play and it went out of the park.”

“It was kind of a defensive swing but he put the barrel on it,” Marshall said. “He got it up in the air and unfortunately, that’s how the game swung. It was a tough way to lose today because the guys played so well. Homer was outstanding today and Logan did a great job bridging the gap to get to myself.”

News and notes:

*On the 0-2 pitch to Pagan before the homer, it appeared to eversoclose to being strike three. But it was called a ball by plate umpire Tim Welke. Marshall didn’t really dispute the call.

“I didn’t hit my spot on the pitch,” said Marshall, now 4- for-5 in save chances. “I was looking for a fastball up the letters. Devin was setting up for that. The ball was borderline. It was close. But the next pitch was the one that mattered.”

*Marshall gave up only one homer in 78 games pitched last season for the Cubs.

*It was the first time that the Reds lost a game this season when leading after eight innings.

*Joey Votto struck out three times today, running his total to 22 in 19 games. He didn’t record his 22nd strikeout last season until his 34th game.


“That’s one of those games that saves your sanity. We’ve had a tough time here but we finally broke the streak, the curse, whatever, and finally won a ball game here. It took a huge hit. We were getting runners out there, in the eighth inning too, and were looking for a big hit. Angel, it’s harder to get a bigger hit than that. Two outs from getting swept and he delivers. It makes for a pretty good road trip and a better ride home.” — Giants manager Bruce Bochy

“You’ve got to put it behind you. It’s not going to be easy tonight or today but by the time you get to the ballpark tomorrow, it has to be a distant memory. We’ll start a new streak tomorrow.” — Dusty Baker

“One of the biggest mistakes was walking the leadoff hitter. When a guy gets on base, it kind of throws you out of your rhythm. You’ve got to pitch out of the stretch and I didn’t make the pitches that I wanted to. It cost me a three-run home run and a loss.” — Sean Marshall


It happens, really all you can say. It was actually a good game played by the Reds, but they lost. On to the next.

A major disappointment – but the reds should feast on the Astros!

Everyone wants more, but if they take 2 of 3 in all three of these series, you can’t be upset about a 6-3 homestand.

It definately hurt but you cant get down on Marshal for this one game. They will win most games played this well. Looking forward to kicking some Astro butt this weekend.

I think it’s the time to give Joey a day off to relax a little bit. I know he will be fine, but it would be a good time.

I like the positive vibe we’ve got going – less kvetching, more encouraging. A handful of wins has done us all a lot of good. The Astros face Leake, Cueto and Latos. They’ll be lucky get ooutta town with a win! Go Reds! (I think the Votto suggestion is a good one – who’s his backup with Hernandez and Alonso gone, and Cairo hurt? Someone obvious I just can’t think of?)

Frazier can play first.

Be careful…the Astros are among the top hitting teams in the National League a bit less than a month in. I too was surprised.

They aren’t giving Votto a night off, cmon guys. What is that going to accomplish exactly?

Curt…He has struck out 22 times already this year. He got his 22nd K last year in the 34th game of the season. He isn’t right at all right now and I know it won’t continue. Just wouldn’t be a bad idea in my opinion.

Sitting there thinking about how he has struckout isn’t going to help anything. He doesn’t want to sit out. I hear what you are saying, I’m just totally disagreeing.

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