4/26 vs SF

Reds lineup vs Giants

Cozart 6
Stubbs 8
Votto 3
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Heisey 7
Frazier 5
Mesoraco 2
Bailey 1

*RHP Nick Masset got the results from the MRI exam he had on on his shoulder Wednesday. The results weren’t bad, but weren’t enough of what he hoped to hear. Masset was not cleared to throw.

“I got good news on the MRI. It’s starting to heal up in there,” Masset said Thursday. “The part of my capsule that was a little strained is healing but it’s not fully healed. For us to put this behind us and move forward, it has to heal all the way. It’s going to take time. I can’t give you a number unfortunately. I was hoping to be able to throw this week. It’s not going to happen.”

Masset will keep building arm strength, doing physical therapy, etc. He descibed the injury as a small strain in a capsule inside the right shoulder.

“We don’t want to have any setbacks in the future when I do start throwing,” he said. “Ultimately, I don’t want to hurt myself or hurt the team by coming back too early and going back on the DL. Say it was 80 percent [inflamed] before, now it’s 40 percent. We’re trying to get it to zero to where it’s fully strong. As long as I start feeling good, it’s when I will start throwing.”

*Before today’s game, Joey Votto will receive his 2011 Tip O’Neill Award from the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. Votto has won the award the last two years but is sharing it this year with Brewers closer John Axford.


This is the best OFFENSIVE lineup the Reds can have out there. Maybe Ludwick over Heisey at this point. But Chris is a solid hitter…He’s going to have one of those big games sometime soon. Props to Dusty by putting this lineup out there with Homer on hill. Keep it Going Reds…You guys have been a lot of fun to watch lately!

I think Ludwick is a much better offensive force than Heisey. Leads the club in RBIs. And Rolen needs the day off after a night game, but under typical circumstances, I would take his struggling bat over an overrated Frazier who has yet to prove anything, even at the AAA level. Finally, Mesoraco is a far better hitter, sure, but a defensive liability at the moment. And one misses Hanigan’s penchant for contact so important in the 8-hole. Of course, after a night game, he could afford to be spelled also from the drudgery of being behind the plate.

I don’t pretend to know enough to field manage a team – so I’d love to know the reason for dropping Stubbs back to the two hole. He did alright last night leading off, and Cozart hit better when he batted second. That’s how it looks to me, but there’s a reason for not going that way. I’m just wondering what it is.

I think Baker would like it if he could bat both right in front of Votto! It may have been the sole thing to completely jump-start Drew’s bat by getting in that position pitches to hit, and it may also have been the primary reason for Cozart’s early success. So I think Dusty is still tinkering to unveil the optimum combination. On the other hand, if Rolen begins to consistently hit and if Phillips’ health rebounds, it will likely become a moot point. Of course, if both or one of those things fails to come about, it will also become a moot point for the team will be going nowhere.

If I had to guess, I bet it’s a mental thing. Dusty probably knows that the leadoff spot is just too much stress for Stubbs. He probably feels that Cozart can handle it so he is going to go that route. Some guys just aren’t cut out for certain roles, it is what it is.

When is Stubbs going to start stealing bases? He is getting hits but not getting steals now. I am confused on why he is not given the green light everytime, who cares if Votto is behind him in the lineup. Votto is not a rookie anymore and should be able to handle the bat no matter what is going on. But over all I am enjoying the last couple of games. Dusty’s moves have been working lately. Now its time to keep putting on the pressure to the opposing pitcher and not stay content.

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