Comeback win for Reds

We’ve got a quick turnaround for Thursday, so we’ll keep it neat and quick after a nice 4-2 win for the Reds over the Giants. Cincinnati scored four in the seventh after Barry Zito took a 2-0 lead into the inning.

Three stars:

No. 3 star: Reds third base coach Mark Berry — made the call to send Ryan Ludwick home from third base on a shallow sacrifice fly by Wilson Valdez. Ludwick barely slid home with the tying run ahead of Nate Schierholtz’s throw before it go through the catch.

“Schierholtz can really throw,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “You’ve got to take a chance right there. It was a good play by Mark Berry to send him. It was a heck of an at-bat by Valdez, and a heck of a slide by Ludwick. I don’t know if he was out or safe if [the catcher] held on to the ball but it was a close play.”

No. 2 star: Barry Zito, SF — 6 ip, 5 H, 1 ER, 2 BB, 4 K, 1 HR.

No. 1 star: Scott Rolen — 1-for-3, HR. It was Rolen’s leadoff homer in the seventh against Zito that perked up the Reds’ bats and started the winning rally. Rolen, who had a two-run double in Tuesday’s win, is hoping for more frequency of hits. He jokingly told Jeff Piecoro on FS Ohio that it was a career saver to get the homer.

“That’s kind of been the joke around here. I get a hit about once every two weeks,” Rolen said. “It was timely. [Zack] Cozart and I sometimes joke ‘that’s a career saver right there.’ He was trying not to over blow it but that’s ok. That was a necessary result right there.”

News and notes:

*Bronson Arroyo reached the 10 years of MLB service time tonight and became a “10-5 player,” since he’s had at least the last five seasons with one club. He’s been in Cincinnati since 2006. That means he now has full no-trade privileges.

“Now there are three things you are sure of in life — death, taxes and I can’t be traded,” Arroyo said.

*Reds starters have issued only six walks in their 40 2/3 innings.

*The Reds bullpen has a 1.93 ERA over its last six games. Tonight was a big night for the group. After Arroyo departed following five innings and a 2-0 deficit, J.J. Hoover, Jose Arredondo, Aroldis Chapman and Sean Marshall all provided a scoreless inning each. It was Hoover’s MLB debut tonight.


“We’ve played good. We didn’t swing the bat on the beginning of that road trip. The bats are swinging it now and we’re tacking on those runs in the seventh and eighth innings. If you can do that often, and as much as we have the last couple of days, you can win a lot of ballgames.” — Sean Marshall

“That was a good one to win and a good one to come back. Zito had us eating out of his hand big time. He changed speeds and threw slow curveballs and changeups. You can see why he pitched so well in his last start.” — Dusty Baker


Very good win tonight. Great experience had by my crew at the game. Got to sit in the front row since everyone bailed when it started raining. Phillips threw my wife a ball, Dusty threw me a ball, and Hatcher threw my brother in law a ball. Everyone went home happy.

There was a cool moment early on – a fan down the first base line close to the field caught a line drive foul. When the camera went to him, his little boy was holding up a sign that had a picture of BP on it and said “Brandon Phillips makes me smile” He and his father were hollering to get Brandon’s attention. He was probably looking anyway to see who caought the ball. The camera went to him and he was grinning from ear to ear. You gotta love Brandon. It’s fun when the team wins. Go Reds!

And that catch by that fan was ridiculous. He just stuck his hand up and it was like he had velcro on his hand.

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