Latos roughed up

No extra innings this time. Just one rough night for Mat Latos. In 5 2/3 innings, Latos tied a career high with eight runs allowed during an 11-1 loss to the Cardinals. Here is the game story on (complete version to post soon)

The overall line: 5 2/3 ip, 9 H, 8 ER, 3 BB, 6 K, 1 HR, 112 pitches/71 strikes. There were three runs allowed in the first and a two-run homer surrendered to Carlos Beltran in the second that made it a 5-0 game. Three more runs crossed in the sixth.

Amazingly, it lowered Latos’ career ERA at Busch Stadium from 25.31 to 18.82.

“They’re a good hitting ball club,” Latos said. “It wasn’t really about not hitting my spots. It was more not trusting my stuff…I was not trusting my stuff and not just rearing back and letting it go. I was trying to be too fine and too perfect. I said the hell with it, reared back and just threw and gave it everything I’ve got. I think the outcome was a little different.

“The positive out of it is I found out what I hadn’t been doing.”

Through three starts as a Red, Latos is 0-2 with an 8.22 ERA.

The Three Stars:

No. 3 star: Devin Mesoraco — 2-for-3, including beating out an RBI infield single to shortstop. Mesoraco also made a nice block at the plate to get Jaime Garcia from scoring on a Rafael Furcal double in the fourth.

No. 2 star: Rafael Furcal, STL — 4-for-5, two doubles, two RBIs.

No. 1 star: Jaime Garcia, STL — 7 ip, 7 H, 1 ER, 3 BB, 3 K, 89 pitches/52 strikes, induced four double plays and was 2-for-3 at the plate with a two-run triple in the sixth that finished Latos’ night.

News and notes:

*Jay Bruce snapped a 0-for-19 skid with a second-inning single during a 1-for-4 night.

*Brandon Phillips grounded into two of the Reds’ double plays and looked like he was really slow on his sore left hamstring.

*Scott Rolen’s double in the top of the ninth gave him 503 for his career, tying him for 51st all time with Andre Dawson.

*The Reds were 2-for-20 tonight with men on base.


“They jumped on him early. Then he settled down in later innings and then they jumped him again. I didn’t want to go through our bullpen so early.” — Dusty Baker


Games like this will happen. I just hope we have more games like this in the reds favor instead of the other team.

Games like this do happen, there have been 8 of them out of 12 this year. This team is rediculous. No one except for Cozart, including Votto, has any approach at the plate, they look like high schoolers trying to break out of a slump, jumping on any pitch that comes close not thinking at all about the situation or what the pitcher might be thinking. This is all coaching, plain and simple. After several 1 run games the coaching staff needs to demand extra bp for every member of the team, extra bunting practice for every member of the team, and more accountability from every member on the team. I have watched better baseball at the college level. The front office makes a huge commitment to these players and they go out and play their own way, because Dusty, as a “players manager” doesn’t require any accountability. It’s pathetic all around. I know it’s early but we need a much bigger shakeup than just the lineup.


I’m getting tired of Dusty’s comments on saving his bullpen. He also likes to point out the injury factor for a poor performing team. Put your money on somebody like Rolen taking over next year.

Art let me ask you a question. If you run the bullpen out there and they do great in April but loose it in Aug or Sept how would you feel? I am guessing you would flip it and say we used out bulpen to much Dusty doesn’t know what he is doing. Hang in there Art 150 more games to go.

Disgusted and I have nothing else to say. They way this team is playing is disgusting!

After what the owners have done for this team, our city has got to back up our boys. I’m getting tired of the negativity around this city which currently is focused on the Reds. Yes they are in a hitting slump. But we are early in the season and I have faith that they will turn around. In years passed we have started out hot and then fizzled out. I’d rather have our slump now and then pull it together for the remaining part of the season. It’s April for crying out loud. Relax. I’m giving this team a chance and I’m going to support the players, the owners, and Dusty and I’m hoping that they are blocking out all the negativity coming from some of the other “fans”. Those same people are going to be the first in line to get Playoff tickets and that turns my stomach more than Stubbs striking out.

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