Three stars, Extras, Extras

I can’t recall a Reds road trip quite like this one. Four extra inning games out of five with three of them ending in losses.

On Tuesday, it was a 2-1 defeat vs. the Cardinals that provided the latest sting.

“How many times can your heart get ripped out in a short period of time?” Dusty Baker asked.

The full game story should be up shortly…

The Three Stars of the game….

No. 3 star: Carlos Beltran, STL — 2-for-3, HR.

No. 2 star: Johnny Cueto — 7 ip, 7 H, 1 ER, 2 BB, 5 K, 1 HB, 113 pitches/69 strikes. Cueto had runners in scoring position over the first four innings, but only gave up Beltran’s first-inning solo homer. St. Louis was 0-for-9 RISP with 14 LOB, in large part due to Cueto.

No. 1 star: Kyle Lohse, STL — 7 ip, 4 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 6 K. Threw 20 of 25 first pitch strikes. Lohse began by retiring his first six batters and 12 of his last 13 batters. He was lifted after only 90 pitches

News and notes:

*The rotation remains winless since Cueto on April 5.

*Jay Bruce was 0-for-4 and set a new career-long hitless streak at 0-for-19.

*The Reds got some bad fortune in the third inning when Drew Stubbs was called out going from first to third on Ryan Hanigan’s single. Replays showed that Stubbs clearly should have been safe.

*Baker chose to hit and run Devin Mesoraco with Brandon Phillips batting in the 10th. Phillips struck out and Mesoraco was nailed going to second base to end the inning.

“With Brandon up, if I don’t run Mesoraco and Brandon hits the ball on the ground – with his leg it’s a double play,” Baker said. “If you run him and he strikes out it’s a double play. You’re between a rock and a hard place.”

*Sam LeCure and Bill Bray pitched the 10th inning, with LeCure’s leadoff walk of David Freese setting up the final rally by the Cardinals. Baker chose to go with those pitchers and not use Aroldis Chapman or Sean Marshall.

“Everybody is getting paid. Everybody has a job to do,” Baker said. “Chapman went two innings two days ago. We didn’t want to go Chapman again.”

More quotes:

“I think when you’re on the road, it’s a little tougher. If you’re in extra innings and the home team wins, it’s always going to be a walk-off. It’s a little more dramatic. We’ve had some really close ballgames lately and unfortunately, we’ve been on the losing end of the stick. We’re competing. Offensively, we’re not having big innings. We’re not stringing stuff together right. Our pitching right now is doing an outstanding job.” — Ryan Ludwick

“We just have to stay right here and right now and not get too panicked about what’s going on.” — Jay Bruce

“We’re playing just good enough to lose right now. We just have to execute better because we practice and practice and preach and talk about things. It’s just not happening right now.” — Dusty Baker


Nice job as always, Mark.

Dusty’s ‘rock and a hard place’ comment suggests that the only two outcomes are a ground ball or a strikeout, but I get the point.

Bruce’s ‘not get too panicked’ comment is right. Hope the players don’t. Too many fans already have!

When the big three….votto, phillips and bruce are 5 for 40 in the last 4 games combined, the Reds aren’t going to win. HOWEVER, when these 3 break it out, I feel sorry for the other teams. The offense won’t stay down forever

I’ve always been a Dusty apologist. I just can’t do it anymore. I keep asking myself, what exactly is Chapmans ideal situation? Does anyone know? I sure don’t.

Curt, I’m with you. This can’t be the most we can get out of Chapman, just when he appears to have become the dominant lefthander we always hoped he’d be.

I’ve always made fun of the people who kept saying “get rid of Dusty”. I thought they were just being good old redneck racist Cincinnati. I hate to say the haters are right, but I think they are. This guy’s nightly lineup card and poor bullpen decisions are ruining this slumping team in April, forget about October. If Bob and Walt were serious about being “All In” then it’s time for Dusty and Jacoby to be out.

Who’s in charge of making the Chapman decision? Dusty? Walt? Castellini? Either they know something the rest of us don’t or they are complete morons. He’s on pace to make $50,000 per inning this year! And last year it was $100,000. We’re worried about attendance? I guarantee an additional 7-10,000 walkups every time he makes a start at GABP.

Do you believe the Reds actually made bids on Pujols, then they could have moved Votto to the Jays for a nice package—-what do you think?

Is it me or is Dusty using the veteran players more again? (I wish Walt Jocketty would get a veteran CF.) Thank God he is playing Cozart though. I guess we should be happy he has one young guy playing at least. No matter what though, this team will bounce back and start winning again.

Chapman and Bailey need to switch postions. Willie Harris needs to be released. Put either Frazier or Cairo (after he is off the DL) at 3rd and make Rolen a backup. Sit Bruce for a couple games to “rest”. Heisey needs to be the full time CF make Stubbs a backup. I could go on, this team has so many holes in it right now. What in the world did they do in spring training. Someone had to see this coming. This is unbeleivable.

Bailey has given up fewer runs than Leake. Harris is awful. I say try Frazier at third too, at least a little bit. Don’t sit Bruce, that isn’t going to help anything. Heisey shouldn’t start full time in center, that’s for dang sure. He should maybe get a start or two a week though.

Homer throws to straight of stuff. But I think he could be really effective in the bullpen for an inning or two. YOU GOTTA MOVE CHAPMAN INTO THE ROTATION. WE ARE WASTING ONE OF THE TOP 5 ARMS IN BASEBALL IN OUR BULLPEN! SO HE CAN PITCH 1-2 INNINGS EVERY 2-3 DAYS. JUST AWFUL. That night was the perfect chance for Chapman to come and hold down the Cardinals for 2 innings of a BIG BIG GAME. But nope…Dusty is an idiot!

Baker lost an extra innings game without using either of his two best relievers, OR his two best pinch hitters. You actually have to try to be THAT ineffective.

Phillips just said that he is taking on a new role tonight. We thinking he’s back in cleanup? What’s wrong with putting him in the two hole again? Or even the five behind Votto and Bruce? You have to try something I think.

Are your 3 stars of the game really necessary?

I, for one, appreciate Mark’s “The three stars of the game” as they provide explicit information
I would have to gleen and research from other sources in order to obtain it. Suggest you merely
‘pass by’ the information if you don’t find it useful.

Man if Phillips had just been able to lay that bunt down. The tone of things today would surely be different.

I like the three stars also. Keep them coming

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