4/13 at WAS

Reds lineup vs. Nationals

Stubbs 8
Valdez 6
Votto 3
Rolen 5
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Harris 4
Hanigan 2
Arroyo 1

*Regarding the lineup, Dusty Baker said it was just a day off for SS Zack Cozart, whose six-game hitting streak ended with a 0-for-5 on Thursday.

“He’s been playing every day, running the base and doing a great job,” Baker said. “He’ll be back in there tomorrow, maybe even today.”

*Brandon Phillips is available to pinch-hit tonight, and might even get into Saturday’s lineup.

“We’ll see,” Baker said. “He was better yesterday than he was. I might have to bat him down in the order some so he doesn’t have to run as much until that leg gets back 100 percent.”

*Since many have asked about him over the last day or so — over at Triple-A Louisville, final Reds cut Todd Frazier is off to a .160 (4-for-25, seven strikeouts) through his first six games.

*Willie Harris has been off to a slow start, entering 0-for-9 in his six games. Baker had a chat with Harris and also told Miguel Cairo to speak with him. During his first year as a Red in 2010, Cairo started out 2-for-20 (.100) and drew the ire of fans immediately. Cairo didn’t really kick it into gear until May.

“Now they love him. I told Cairo to talk to Willie about what happened to him, “Baker said. “We need to get Willie going. We need Willie. He’s always done well. He’s probably trying too hard. Hopefully he’ll relax and beat his old team.”

*And if you don’t think Major League players hate to lose, check out the photo here of rookie catcher Devin Mesoraco. He tried to block Alfredo Simon’s wild pitch yesterday and it just took a funny bounce off of his body to allowed the Nationals to score the winning run. Mesoraco heard from friends and family once the photo surfaced.

“I had no clue at the time. It was kind of an embarrassing shot I guess,” Mesoraco said. “It’s my fault. As a player, you’re supposed to do that somewhere people can’t see it. I will learn from it to take it down in the tunnel if I have to get out that frustration as opposed to where people can snap pictures.

“That was a tough way to lose a game, especially as a catcher. That’s something you never want to happen. I think [the photo] made it a lot bigger of a deal than it was.”


Why is Ludwig playing – the pitcher is a right hander.

As opposed to who, Chris Heisey? He’s also right-handed.

Whats going on with BP. Original diagnosis was cramp in his hamstring. Was it changed to somthing more severe? When is he expected back or when is another move expected?

Haha….Question of the year right there!!!! LOL

It’s on the Reds site….addressed that situation yesterday. They’re being very cautious so it doesn’t become a more severe injury

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With the cold hitting team why take your hottest hitter out and put in a guy with no hits and a career batting average of 239… very frustrating.

This lineup is pathetic….BP says he can play and is not feeling pain so let him play….Why isn’t Scott Rolen in the lineup? He seriously needs a rest after 6 games? and if your not going to play him, why is willie harris in there at 2nd instead of valdez at 2nd and cairo at third? Willie Harris, really???? He shouldn’t even have a job in the Majors…does Dusty want to get fired?

Sorry not Rolen but Cozart…..my apologies for that

Cozart should be at SS, Valdez or Cairo at 2nd if BP is not ready….If Todd Frazier was up here like he should be then he could play 2nd…..I dont want to here about rest after 7 games and 2 days off in between those games….that’s just ridiculous.

I doubt it was Cozart asking for a rest but Baker resting him and getting Harris in for some at bats. I am not making excuses because i agree that a rest after 7 games and 2 off days is rediculus.

The front office has to be holding their breaths because a slow start after what we all would agree was a great off season will have the fans turning on Baker and any player not performing well very quickly. Frustration after all the losing seasons and the disapointing year from last year will do that to a fan base.

There is absolutly no “good” reason for Todd Frazier to be in AAA. The guy can rake and play many different positions. We keep hearing about all of these great prospects in the minors. Well they aren’t doing us much good down on the farm.

Where this false notion that he can “rake” confounds me to no end. Check his AAA stats out. He has yet to prove himself at that level even.

This lineup scares no one.

it scares me

I’ve been watching the Bats via MiLB.TV. Frazier has not looked good, at the plate or in the field. I think he had some kind of injury. He was out of the lineup for a couple of days, then DH’d for a game.

Janish has looked good. The Bats have been on the road (first home game tonight), and the other teams’ announcers are in terror of Janish and his .345 / .387 / .621 line. 😀

Chris Valaika is also hitting well.

Still real early yet, though.

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