The Opening Day lineup

Reds lineup vs. Marlins

Phillips 4
Cozart 6
Votto 3
Rolen 5
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Stubbs 8
Hanigan 2
Cueto 1

*Ludwick got the nod over Heisey, because Dusty Baker felt Ludwick was a better match-up against left-handed starter Mark Buehrle.

*INF/OF Todd Frazier was optioned to AAA Louisville Wednesday to make room for RHP Alfredo Simon, who was claimed off of waivers on Tuesday.

“That’s a very tough move,” Baker said. “It happened to me. I know how it feels from morning to afternoon. I was told in the morning that I made the team. After I hit a couple of home runs, I came back in and everybody was silent. They said ‘Dusty, they want to see you in the office.’ They told me that they changed their mind. I had already sent my car north to Atlanta and I was on my way to Richmond.”


Ludwick on Opening Day. If it had been Heisey, I’d have owed someone a milkshake, DRO I think. Now, we’ll make it double-or-nothing Ludwick’s got at least twice as many at bats as Heisey at the end of April. But that’s for the future – on to Opening Day! In the old days (80’s), I used to go to the Cricket for lunch and then across Fountain Square to watch the parade and then down to the ballpark for the game. After the game, out to dinner with my buddies and then home to watch the NCAA national champiionship game. A good day. But things change – “The only constant, Ray, is baseball.” So, Go Reds! Let’s get this thing started!

I do remember saying that I thought Heisey would get the nod, but no memory of the milkshake wager. In any event, I guess I’ll go for broke and say Ludwick won’t have that many at bats more. There aren’t that many lefty starters out there and I think Ludwick is going to struggle, so Heisey will receive a fair shot! I went to 41 Openers in a row at one time, so undoubtedly our paths crossed somewhere. Now in my dotage, I have a new streak underway, though this, unfortunately, is a one comprised of non-appearances. As long as the new streak keeps mounting!

Dusty has been through every imaginable situation.

Reds 88-74. They get the wild card. Win the playoff game. Face the Diamondbacks in the first round. They win that 3-1. Go on to face the Phillies. Get swept. Overall, successful year. Cueto finishes in the top 5 in the Cy Young voting. Votto finishes in the top 3 of MVP voting. Jay Bruce hits over 40 homers. Drew Stubbs drives in over 80 RBI’s. Marshall gets over 35 saves.

Okay, then, guess I’ll find something else to do this summer, since I already know what’s gonna happen.

Got exactly the same prediction for the regular season in terms of wins and losses, with an outside shot at one of the wild card berths. After that, I plead the fifth…anything can happen if and when the playoff shot comes!

Do you think that Bakers imagination is the drawing card of his ability or lack of managing a big league team—-Buerle is tough if players are not prepared to react quickly win the first of 92 on the way to the playoffs,

Curt – I like your predictions – who’ve you got in the Derby?

The Kentucky Derby? Probably some horse named after Tim Tebow. Like Virgin Airlines or something.

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