Votto gets BLOCKBUSTER deal

The Reds have agreed to terms on a 10-year, $225 million contract extension with first baseman Joey Votto, according to a report Monday evening by USA Today.

The blockbuster deal, which comes with a full no-trade clause according to the report, would keep Votto with the Reds through the 2023 season.

If the report is accurate, Votto would be the third first baseman since the end of last season to receive a contract worth more than $200 million. But the two others — Albert Pujols with the Angels and Prince Fielder with the Tigers — were with new clubs. Pujols and Votto share the same agent, Dan Lozano.

Votto, 28, still has two years remaining on the three-year, $38 million contract he signed in January 2011. He is due to make $9.5 million this season and $17 million in ’13.

The extension also keeps Votto, the 2010 National League Most Valuable Player, from exploring the free-agent market in two years when he would have first been eligible.


Good news for Reds fans but I would imagine bad news for datdudeBP.

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My bet is that it is not the dollars with Phillips but the number of years. Unfortunately no matter how much we love BP second base is an easier position to fill. I say this knowing that he might be the best overall 2nd basemen the Reds have ever had (and Joe Morgan is my all time favorite player). If he is flexible on the years he will get an extension too.

I think that Walt tested the waters time and time again with Phillips over the winter and knew he wanted more money than the Reds were willing to pay an older 2B. I’ll miss his personality, but he wants serious money.

I would like to hear what Mark Sheldon thinks?

Reds fans have had the unbelievable pleasure and privilege to watch two such talents develop as Phillips and Votto. I love them both and wish/hope we could/can keep them both. I have never seen anyone make the plays Phillips makes all the time. Just hope there’s a way to keep him.

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I’m not sure this is a good thing. This isn’t about JV – it’s about a small market team taking on a huge contract; about a pie with one large piece and 24 tiny pieces. Here’s a question: if pitching is so important, how come corner infielders get all the big contracts? (I know about Matt Cain, but his annual salary’s not what JV and AR and PF and AP are getting). JV’s are not a dime-a-dozen, but 1Bmen are. I think this team’s got a couple of good years in it and then there’s a large possibility of a long mid-2000’s like wasteland. Just MHO.

Absolutely…this is a huge mistake for the longterm health and flexibility of the organization. The market will not magically grow. It is what it is! This violates every tenet of my understanding of the financial shackles placed on small markets.

Could not agree more with all the responses to Pingback’s comments. To place so much of the club’s existing (and future) financial resources on one player is truly irresponsible. If something happens (e.g. injury, production fall-off, poor play by the club, etc., etc.) the limited resources of this small market town will result in irreparable harm to the long-term future of the Reds. Let the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels and other deep-pocket clubs roll the dice on a few players. They can afford to do so. Not Cincinnati.

Love Votto, he is a top 5 player in the MLB in my opinion. But look what happened when the Reds put a ton of money into Griffey Jr. They couldnt pay anybody else and the team really struggled. I love locking up Votto for 10 years, but it definitely hurts the team in many ways as well.

That’s right. And for that matter, few if any of the long term, giant contracts ever pan out.
But the teams signing these contracts understand that before the ink has dried. Votto will be on the low side of his career during the last 4-5 years of this contract (late 30’s). However, signing Votto will appease the fans and he is an attraction that brings fans to GABP. And, he is a key ingredient for the Reds if they have any shot at getting to and throught the playoffs. Additionally, and equally important is that fact that the Red’s TV/Cable contract will be re-negotiated in 2014 and the Reds have indicated that they could sign both Votto and Phillips if they could negotiate a new contract, raising the deal to a new level ($10M to $20M+). So the money flow doesn’t start in earnest until 2014; Phillips is another question. However, increasing their revenues via Tv/Cable and attendance will clearly allow them to raise payroll from mid $80M to close to $100M, allowing them to compete on a fairer level, although not the level of the big boys. My hope upon hopes is that this pans out for the Reds and doesn’t bite them in the butt like the Griffey deal. It could maroon a team on the rocks for years to come; their revenue levels must continue to improve.

Im totally fine with it, it’s not my money. So Votto will be making 20.9 million on average for the next ten years. In four to five years, some MVP stars are going to come around and sign contracts for 30 million a year, so if he keeps this up, we’ll be having him at a bargain, and yes I realize 21 million isn’t a bargain so to speak. I don’t think this hinders the team all that much. Small market teams build around the draft and through their system, they can still do that. They just won’t be able to throw around long term contracts for up and comers, but if you have more up and comers behind them, then you just keep slotting them in, while having an MVP first baseman you don’t have to worry about. I’m all in on this one. Good job Reds.

True…not your money. Nor mine. But it does again raise the spectre of a small market team getting head-over-heels financially with the prospect of going belly-up. I’m old enough to have witnessed the organization approach that dangerous crossroads twice in my fan span. I’m not interested in visiting that intersection a third time before checking out of here!

Curt, I hope you’re right.

Only time will tell if JV deal is a good one. But now signing BP to mega deal would be a disaster. Love the guy, but it’s a business. Time to trade and replace.

I’m a BP fan, always have been. But I have my guard up right now with him. If he starts sulking at all or complaining, I’lll be off his bandwagon so fast. He is getting paid 12 million this year, he has nothing to complain about. I don’t think he will, but for some reason I’m skeptical.

If like NFL, in the last year of his contract and free agency looming, he should be motivated for big year. Mark

I wonder if it’s the # of years with BP. Does anyone know? Does he want 6 and the Reds are offering 3, or something like that?

I think the years are probably more like he wants 5 and thre reds want 2. Just a guess, but I believe the holdup is defiitely on the years and not price.

Very happy to have this out of the way so then we can watch some great baseball. Great to see Votto staying with the team.

One major advantage the Reds have now over the Griffey years is the farm system is in much better shape. If it continues the Reds can fill positions around Votto with high talented young players at low cost. During the Griffey years the farm system was bankrupt and there were no low cost alternatives.
Hopefully Votto can remain on the field a higher percent of the time over Griffey. The next four years already look bright with Marshal, Cueto and Bruce locked up. Stubbs, Heisey, Mesoraco, Cozart, Latos, Bailey, Chapman, Leake all are under Reds controll for several more years. The future looks bright so why all the gloom and doom?

Go Reds

Out years…if the player is a mere image of himself while the $$$ is guaranteed.
And, if untradeable, the team is locked into millions upon millions for nothing.
Look around, it’s happened many times before (ie: Mr. Griffey Jr.).

As they say, fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice;
I’m screwed in MLB terms!

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