Francisco traded to Braves

The Reds have traded 3B Juan Francisco to the Braves for J.J. Hoover, a Minor League right-handed pitcher.

Francisco, who batted .196 with four home runs this spring, was out of options and did not endear himself to the Reds for among other things, showing up to camp overweight and for failing to properly rehabilitate a right calf injury over the winter.

Hoover, 24, went 25-19 with a 3.14 ERA in 99 appearances, including 61 starts, over four years (2008 to 2011) in the Braves farm system. He was assigned to Triple-A Louisville.

One issue the Reds face without Francisco however, is they do not have a power lefty bat to come off of the bench. We’ll see if that means other moves are in the works.


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Excellent trade for the Reds. The Braves must have a lot of bullpen depth because this guy looks like a future setup/closer type

Looks like Frazier is 3rd baseman of future now wont have to worry about sharing time with Fransisco

Not sure this makes Frazier a lock. The Reds now have just two lefty hitters: Bruce and Votto. I have a feeling this means they are leaning toward Willie Harris. He plays both infield and outfield, including CF, he’s got wheels, he bats lefty. Versatility, speed, lefty/righty matchups – everything Dusty said he was looking for.

Another possibility: Heisey is optioned, and Harris is the backup CFer.

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Braves rich in pitching. Hoover might have logged some mid relief innings if injuries in the bullpen this year. Braves in depesperate need to replace Chipper for the 40-60 games he’ll miss with injuries this year and retirement. Not alot of power hitting corner outfielders avialble at the price in which they paid. Good deal for both teams on paper. Not sure how Francisco will work in the clubhouse if he is, as been portrayed, as an overweight guy that doesn’t work hard. That won’t fly in Braves organization.

That’s the problem with keeping an old player like M. Cairo who i like instead of keeping young powerful player like francisco who can hit a 3 run bomb against a righty late in a game, plus this is Rolen last year and Votto next last.

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If Drew Stubbs struggles early on is it possible Willie Harris gets alot of time in center? Have to believe Stubbs will be on a short leash early on i really hope he gets off to a hot start or he might be backin up Harris

what does the braves need him they need a big right hand bat in left field that can hit 30 or home runs a year if not maybe a forth place team. loseing team loseing city

The Braves have absolutely nothing on third or at shortstop….looks like Philly..again…How about a little power hitting to go along with that power pitching…spend a dollar….please….please


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