Strained calf for Latos

Reds pitcher Mat Latos wasn’t too concerned about the strained left calf that put him out of Tuesday’s game prematurely. Latos exited after 4 2/3 innings after he slipped on the mound pitching to the Cubs’ Alfonso Soriano.

“I don’t know the layman’s terms of what’s going on but I’m fine,” Latos said. “They looked at it, they evaluated it. I put a little ice on it as a precaution.

“It felt like I landed in mud and I slipped. The mound was a little loose on the landing spot a couple of times. I just got out a little too far and slipped. [Cubs starter Matt] Garza was on another hole. I think we were kicking dirt at each other back and forth. He’d get out there and kick his dirt over to my spot and I’d get out there and kick my dirt over to his spot. He’s a little to the right of me.”

Asked if he thought he could make his next start, likely his final one of spring:

“I’ll be just fine,” Latos replied.


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