Sunday at Salt River Fields

Reds lineup vs. Rockies

Phillips 4
Cozart 6
Votto 3
Rolen 5
Bruce 9
Heisey 7
Stubbs 8
Mesoraco 2
Cueto 1

*Cueto is scheduled to pitch six innings today. Logan Ondrusek and Sam LeCure are expected to follow from the bullpen.

*As I type at the Reds complex, some more guys are cleaning out their lockers following the next wave of cuts. I will have the names when it’s all done.

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Since the DH will be a factor in away inter-league series throughout the ENTIRE season next year, it’s going to overtake the NL by momentum unless we come up with a compromise solution. Here is one more agreeable than the outright DH.
1) I’ll call our NL player a ‘free’ PH. Allow a bench player to be used as the ‘free’ PH ONCE ONLY for a pitcher during a game without forcing the pitcher out. That is, the pitcher may bat prior to and/or after the ‘free’ PH is used to hit for him. The idea is to select the most opportune time to use the ‘free’ PH, when a good run-scoring chance presents itself. The pitcher must still bat for himself most of the time and you don’t just use up your ‘free’ PH willy-nilly. Of course you can use other normal PHs but those continue to force players out of the game as normal.
2) I think this actually enhances the NL’s monopoly on strategy. Imagine a scoring threat is mounting and the defensive manager is tempted to walk the 8th place hitter to get to the pitcher. Oh no! We now have to pitch to the 8th place hitter because of the threat of the ‘free’ PH. Flip the coin, imagine a scoring threat is mounting and the offensive manager has to debate about whether to use the ‘free’ PH now, or save him for a better chance. Wow! The debates will insue among fans, media, players and everybody.

There is a 2nd phase to this solution that we could add. We could let the ‘free’ PH have only the one-time usage and never be heard from again…OR, OR… we can allow him to re-enter the game defensively ANYTIME during the remainder of the game and be thereby entitled to more ABs. However, as per normal, when the ‘free’ PH enters the game on defense, the current pitcher must leave the game. In-game scenario: Let’s say a chance to use Heisey, a bench player, as the ‘free’ PH comes up in the 2nd inning. After the half inning ends, Heisey returns to the bench and the SP resumes pitching. In the 7th inning Baker decides to put the ‘free’ PH Heisey back into the game defensively at LF, but he must take the pitcher’s lineup spot. The new pitcher takes the replaced LF’s lineup spot. Also this could be an ideal way of getting the back-up catcher extra ABs and still have him available to catch.


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